Blocked obelisk at server 1069



Hello! i would like to report, that a clan named Hooligans have blocked out an obelisk next to shattered springs on this server and made it into a trap for anyone who teleports to it.

You can find a short video with it on youtube by searching - conan obelisk block


Nobody cares unfortunately…Well, at least not the devs.


well, its worth a try :wink:


Yes, it sure is. Especially if you’re a solo player as I am.


If it’s PVP server, there will be no action taken, only other players may help unblocking it. If it’s PVE maybe they can do something, do I’m not quite sure, since in PVE it’s bad etiquette.


you said its a pvp server. go blow it up or play pve


@SpiralValve Obviously you don’t know how area blocking works. Go there, blow it up… show them how it’s done :wink:


ummm that’s exactly what I just said, blow it up or play pve


Viable strategy for PvP, annoying as all hell when you first get screwed by it, but viable nonetheless.

As stated, blow it up.


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