Obelisks blocking


I really wish they would do something about people in pve servers blocking the obelisks we got a clan in my official server thats blocked 3 of them off…

Submit a ticket.
As far as I know, they might be banned for it. Make sure to submit screenshots as well.

Where can I submit a ticket? Didnt see a option for it

When you stand on the server at the servers list you can hit R1 to submit a ticket.
Here on the forums, I’m not sure where.

Don’t hold your breath on reporting. Instead kite world bosses and orb throwing thralls over to destroy land claim.

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Yes and if that don’t work build a wall around there wall if you can’t use it then they can’t either

Or find another server not full of ****'s.

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The thread is tagged as PvE, that won’t work on a PvE server. Most they’ll be able to do with world bosses is kill pets and thralls, it won’t do a thing to their land claim and structures though. Now if they could kite purge enemies over though… now that could work, but that’s rather difficult to accomplish.

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Idk, I’ve seen some unlisted/hidden topics that seem to indicate otherwise for PVE. I’m not saying which thralls/bosses specifically but I’ve heard of some people complaining. Then of course there’s the tried and true purge method as well. I kind of wish there was world bosses that lived near every obelisk whose sole purpose was to keep a wide radius around them clear though. Would solve a lot of obelisk complaints.

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Cept…my server swaps have been 100% full of ****'s…
So not even a good plan. =(

private servers are slightly better option…give or take how long they’ll be up. Or singleplayer…XD

My luck so far server hoping has been nothing but trolls and weirdos…

Well you would be welocme to join my server. Its paid up for at least the next 3 months.We have a nice bunch and im not wierd just querky…

Funcom must ban players who intentionally ruin the PvE game to others. And must try to avoid it from happening, like making close to obelisks and chests and named spawns a forbidden to construct space.

hmmm the plot thickens…

There is no justification for breaking the rules of the game.
If you or your Clan are breaking rules of conduct or the contract or whatever legal term you have with the game, they can submit a ticket.
They are acting with “bannable” actions.

seems that u are the offender in this case.

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