Players blocking obilisk on PVE server

on our official server 1036 some Players Blocking the obilisk near Seper. Would be ok on a PVP Player, so I could least blast the walls away, but in PvE no way to get the structure down.
I think the Player who Setup the walls was already banned 2 weeks ago, but somehow the Decay timers are Always getting refreshed. Seems for me like an exploit which is really annoying,
If somebody can help it would be highly appreciated.


4 weeks now since they got banned. *thanks for that btw.

And now they are even back on new steam accounts with the same name ingame???

And the blocked obelisk keeps getting refreshed like frong says???

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I can second this. The players who built the block around the obelisk on 1036 have been banned 3 weeks ago. In that time always when the counter on structures of the banned clan are almost reaching decay times, the timers are reset. We think by using a well known exploit. This affects the obelisk at c7 and their base at d4. For 3 weeks now nobody can teleport to seper. we suspect tht a certain clan is doing this, and the banned players appeared online with new accounts, stating that this block will stay forever.
Any help would be appreciated, as this drastically reduces the attractivity of the server and several players already moved to private servers


Some help would be indeed appreciated, again.

I mean, you would think that once banned he’d maybe move on to a new server with a lesson learned, but to come back with the same name and keep on trolling the server with his old shenanigans… that requires a abnormal amount of a mean spirit.

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I Confirm… this is getting very annoying,after they got unbanned they didn’t look very worried about the ban and they still continued to threat us saying : “The Wall will be there forever”
I have screens about that affirmation
Please we at least need an Admin who destroys the wall by himself
This is ruining every player experience in this server.

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nothing more to say…

Found this in one of the other pinned threads on griefing/harassment

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof . Action meaning this behavior can lead to bans of the clan or players involved. In extreme cases please use Exploit Hunters to report these issues.

I’d attach screen shots along with server info, and location in that message.

I am one of those who left the server because of this individual. I know that there can and should be a tactical aspect to PVE-conflict, but this individual is taking it way too far. He called other players names and suggested their sexual behaviors. That might be amusing in banter, but his was a simply never ending nastiness. Then to continue to harass he blocked the obelisk near Seper. I know that the players on 1036 have invested large amounts of time to the game. I hope that you will help them. Thanks, Talia

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