Players blocking off obelisks are killing some servers

When are you guys going to make it where you CANNOT build around obelisks? The server I play on has a clan that has completely blocked off numerous obelisks and also all of the salt lake area. This is ridiculous. It kills servers when people are able to take control of certain points of the game like this. This needs to be fixed.

On 1600 in Three days a clan has blocked off the obelisks and the salt flats. they are now building walls across the server… Something needs to be done, there is no way a clan of three players would have the resources to build all of this in three days. It is clear they are dubbing the items.

Same as 1516. The server is now doomed.

1979 are unplayable

Just attack them. All from server ?
The game about

So why you wine ? That the part of game you dominante IF tou want be power full just. Attack them wipe them

PVE and PVE-C is not intended to be played that way. There is no attacking. You are thinking PVP which is ok.

Also I doubt Funcom intended the servers to become ‘personal servers’

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You can’t prevent players from blocking off stuff in PvE unfortunately. If FunCom increases the no-build zone around obelisks and other areas, players who want to grief with walling them off will just build their walls further away.

The only thing that would help is actively monitoring the servers and banning any offenders.

easy solution. find their base and build a massive wall around it… make sure you make it so its impossible for them to climb in and out with the wall spikes… they wont be able to play without starting again… just keep finding their base and keep blocking em in eventually they will get the idea none of its ok…


considering i’ve been on 1516 for quite some time and that i’ve used all the obelisks in the past 24 hours to secure the base of my clan mates… im assuming you are trolling to get a player, that you hate, banned.

you’re also one to talk as you yourself have greifed other land marks in the past and got your clan nearly wiped from our server by a single player xD

I don’t hate anyone. I am simply doing a service for the other players of the server, and in doing so, making myself a target of you and your friends.

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