Players closing obelisk on pvp servers

server 1985. there is a guild constantly closing the obelisks with structures preventing players from traveling. eventhough you can destroy them during raid hours, when players travel unaware of those structures out of raid hours, they become stuck and the game offers no option but for them to die and lose their items. we lost many new players on that server because this harassement continues there unchallanged. please fix that issue.


Devs won’t take any action on this, get people, bring down the walls, and combat the clan doing it.

We had a Venezuelan clan on #1999, they were claiming the server was just for “hispanic” people thus killing every BR player/clans preventing them and new ones for playing in that server, our clan banded together with others and we drove them out. :slight_smile:

Official servers have no moderation. Read that again. NO moderation. In theory–that is, according to the TOS–if someone’s being absurdly abusive or spouting hate speech, and you provide incontrovertible evidence of same, then Funcom will take action. In practice, however, nothing will be done. It’s like the wild west out there, man–which is why I don’t play online.

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