Obelisk closure

Hello bros, First aud nothing forgive for my bad English, I wanted to know if you can report an “alpha” clan that is closing all obelisks of the server with black ice, since they are generating a bad gaming experience, of being able to do where this report should be made and what process should be done?

welcome to the community, you can find your answer here:

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Funcom does not see blocking access to the obelisks on any server type (PvP, PvE-C, or PvE) to be a bannable offence.

Douchebaggery is an intended feature of CE.

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Official PVP? Its allowed

I think it’s in the catchphrase. Survive. err… Build? Teabag… be a complete Douchebag… something something. They may have used different words but for a lot of people that was clearly the takeaway :slight_smile:

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