Griefing on PvE still happens

So people is still making blockades, and sometimes not even climbing is enough. This one for example is blocking the main entrance to the jungle.

As it is now, with heavy armor / full inventory you cant climb it.

Once they put spikes on top, it will be unclimbable.

In many locations you can take a detour, here also, but a very very long one. Which will be even longer, or impossible to take, with a couple or three more of blocks like those.

I’m very aware of the purge mechanics (not enough for this, as its only 24 purges lotto for every guild, and that guild can get another building purged, or defend the one being attacked if so, ofc) and decay system, if its a main base, or made out of bricks, won’t take care of that.

Hey, I have no problem, I can survive to that! But I know it will be a growing problem, in my server and others. Not to say that there can be blockade wars, I myself, who am reporting this, felt like I should make a block to block the block (XD), so we all piss off others.

Not gonna do that, but others will. Or get inspired by that.

Positive reviews, happy customers, full pve servers, are on a countdown in my point of view, as this will only get worse and worse.

Oh, and wait till I come back with the screenshots of people jailing world bosses inside of houses, so nobody else can farm them, or they dont respawn (already reported in this forums).

I dont really wanna be a pita, will keep enjoying game, still can go around those blockades, find some non jailed bosses, but we are a week after release. I plan to play this for lil bit long, as many other players do. And it will only get worse.

I am of the opinion that Conan devs made an awesome work fixing many things, taking care of complains (they fixed pve thralls, now people cant troll killing them, thanks again Funcom!!) and I know they made many things like no build areas next to camps (some still not working) untamable thralls (witch queen still tamable, with Bylos himself confirming a “slap” on a designer xDD) non despawnable iron nodes etc, so I have faith that with some reports like this, and some patience, we can get them to fix this few remaining problems.

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There is no good solution to this problem for PVE servers apart from direct Admin intervention - but FUNCOM does not accept any responsibility for their servers and no G-portal admin will ever log in to wipe player structures.

with your attitude nothing would have been fixed or solved :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that it is your lose not to claim this paths and make it available to everyone. Now it’s part of environment which you can only look at.

I totally agree, OP. I to have resisted the urge to “block” the “blockers.” On a pve server, I can’t understand the thought process of walling off areas/bosses. We aren’t in true competition, so why be a jerk? The unfortunate thing is, many players say: “working as intended.” So unless devs do something, we are stuck with the jerks.


They just shouldn’t allow building in certain key location or anywhere near the spawn point of a boss. Especially if there is no way for the other players to remove that block. PvP servers its fine because you can destroy the buildings but on PvE there is nothing any one can do but hope a purge takes it out.

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Yes, I don’t want to turn to the dark side, same as I didn’t go around killing people’s thralls in pve servers, after I requested a fix… (but some others did xD). I would piss others, so I will try to be constructive before, and maybe try to make a building, with an elevator, bridge etc to counterblock it xD.

There is a lot of people that look for pve servers only to troll and grief, I didn’t finish my psychology career but I know it’s something fuked in their minds. But yeah, they have many reasons, no legit or right reasons, but to say it short, they enjoy going in a player vs environment server, and turn it into a player vs environment vs trolls.

Every other survival I have played allows for much more griefing (in ark you cant climb, so have a flying mount or you have no choice) so I think we don’t have to surrender with this.

Also the solution is not “stick to unofficials”, FunCom theirselves wouldnt have such a success and 40k players online if official forums were clearly udentified as the savage west, where hacks and griefings are rampant.

On the other side, something that may be easier to fix (dont have screens yet) are the world bosses getting “jailed” in small houses, which, given pve nature cant be destroyed by players nor mobs, and given the boss nature, they have a fix respawn / wont respawn until killed.

It wouldnt be the way, but a small tribe could go and block most of roaming bosses (maybe not the black rhino, scorpion king, or cave cocodrile) and chests in most of the official pve servers, and effectively remove an endgame feature of the game.

I have faith in FunCom because they are breaking barries no other survival sandbox did, so lets report it the best we can, and try to raise awareness of this problem. I think it can be fixed, but since im not a game developer, I will not suggest random fixes which I dont know if possible.

Also, if devs say “we tried, but cant find a way to fix it” I will just accept and move on, not go in an enraged mode blocking everybody, negatively reviewing the game etc.

I just want to be sure devs know this problem (we all suppose they do, but they didnt with unkillable thralls 1 month ago), and try to fix it. If it cant, it wont be good news, but understandable. At the moment, I only see people complaining, others complaining about the complainers, and not much people positively trying to get a fix.


Thats the guy’s home, what’s the problem here? And you can obviously go around. If a guy cant build his home where he wants then what’s the point of playing.

Carry a dedicated set of light climbing gear, then you can climb with 0 stamina cost even at 1,000% encumbrance.

Advanced flexibility kit on climbing gloves, climbing boots, any light chest piece, any light leg armor. This allows you to climb ‘any’ height with 0 stamina cost.

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No no, I see you come from the other post, got offended much eh?

No no, that’s not the guy’s house hahaha that’s a blockade on the main entrance of the jungle, after that theres absolutely no house. But hey, I know many people does this, it doesnt surprise me some reads forums and tries to justify it :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: check the 3rd screenshot, I understand 1 and 2 can be misleding, but did you check 3rd? thats how you build houses ehh? Just a wall in rivers / passages / entrances? why no bed or chest? semi nomad? ^^

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Good to know! If you read my post I said I could climb the rock next to it, stating it was not unavoidable, at lelast until more blockades combo.

I knew about climbing gear but didnt get it yet, looks like I will have to prioritize it xD 0 stamina cost sounds like a good fix (but lets remember you can make walls unclimbable xD)

Yep, I did read it and I understand that.
I still figured this information could be useful.

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It is, thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway my goal now is trying to build an elevator so everybody can climb easily and laugh at the poor intentions of the blocker hehe

I didnt get offended about anything, why’s everyone on the internet want to try to feel smug and lead with that tactic “you mad bro” its immature. And you’re complaining about a part of the game they specifically built it up around, it is really the main purpose of the game.

And the screenshot is pretty far away, but I can make out a door, and stairs leading up so people can climb over, its obviously where the guy is making his home. And from the looks of it, he’s making space for an elevator later with the stairs leading to it.

The spot also looks great to buiod a sculpture ir statue of some sort, thats what id be doing, and coming on here and seeing, “ban this guy for blocking my path with this pretty artistic statue”

Ok haha, can’t seriously reply to your comment, you trolling me? I think I took the bait :confused:

every sentence is a “lol, wtf? hahah yeah yeah” so thats my answer.

the 3rd screenshot is showing the other side of the NON HOUSE blockade omg XDD

sorry but cant resist commenting on your last sentence haha who da f said nothing about banning a guy whose steam id I didnt even report rofl

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Then destroy it when it decays, if it’s not his home then he wont be around it and itll decay, again, whats the problem? Aside from you wanting to complain about where people build.

Talk normal please, your “omg XXD” is being passive aggressive and I dont fall for those internet tactics, were just having a conversation here, no need to get worked up"

Last reply, I know Im feeding the troll. Climbing was greatly implemented as a workaround to BLOCKADES LIKE THIS, also decay, purge, or no build areas (which is what is needed here).

I see you wanna fool and mislead people, talking about “complaining where people build”, so here is the location of that BLOCKADE made with the sole purpose of griefing.

Np, I will come back with hallaman’s tomb blockade and many others, and you won’t appear anymore, I know.

It’s not a base, its a blockade with the sole purpose of griefing.

Edit: pic was too zoomed out sry xD

You’re the obvious troll here, everyone can tell just by the way you type. Calling people out for trolling, when theyre simply making an argument against the topic at question, then using passive aggressive tactics to try to draw someone out. You say “my last post” but you’ll be back, you’ll read this, and just wont repost, or you will, or you’ll just make a new thread with the exact same topic, its what people like you do, like, I don’t know, making a thread in general chat so it gets viewed by more people, when you should have posted it in the suggestion area if you actually wanted anyone official to take note.

I would like them to put in a thing to stop all of those ugly 4 square box houses that keep littering the game, but its a part of the game, to be able to build whatever you want, where ever you want. You’re complaing about the game itself.

This is why games like this should not have official servers. It makes a company look bad when its an issue they cannot do anything about.

I play on a private server with active admins. There is three of them. They barely can cover all times of the day. But they do try and they fix issues like this all the time.

That’s one server. Taking three peoples’ time and its ALOT of their time. And they do so out of the kindness and generosity of their hearts. But that’s one server.

There are 300 official servers. To have the coverage you all are looking for would require 900 server admins. If they hired them all in the US. That would cost a minimum of $1.6 million a month. That’s including the cost of the 300 servers as well. That’s 3 people per server, to cover 24/7.

And this is supposed to drive sales by over 40,000 units per month just to pay for itself?

Never going to happen. They are providing a free generous service with these official servers. Even if they used less than 900. Lets say they used 100. That’s still $185,000 a month. Which means they’d have to cover 10 servers at a time. There’s simply not enough time in an 8 hour shift to cover a server to ensure buildings like this don’t happen.

3 people covering one server struggle to do this already.

Official servers are simply going to have to be the wildwest. Private servers is the only way to play in civility.

That’s exactly what I was thinking when I was playing Ark. The reviews for that game would have been ‘much’ better if official servers did not exist. It’s the same here, too.