People blocking passage and walling around you inside your own bases pve-c

This is not the first time that hapens on this server, i play on the SA server 1977 pve-c, there is a lot of people that block passages sometimes or just let foundations near some obelisc or bridge and bosses so he can block whenever he wants to… this time it went too far way… a guy on the server Blocke me inside my own base on the crevice cave, i asked him many times to remove the foundations and he sayd that he cant get banned for doing stuff like these because there is no admins or moderation online to punish, so… what about making him an example for the rest of the server that is abusing blocking passages at a server that constructions cant be destroyed ?

where can i sent the links of the screenshots of the blocked passages and the chat i had with the guy i have all SS and video made also

but i cant post because it cant post links?!?!?

the name of the guy who blocked me is GUGUxd2

He is right, admins and moderators dont care about this problems BUT, you have to claim whole area around your base so this is only your mistake now… I know you feel bad now but no one can help you currently i think

i have 5 t4 smelters and 4 t4 carps in there… even if i die they will be stuck in there its all my t4 thralls if he dont remove the blocked passage i cant play on this server anymore 2 months of hardwork throwed away because of a troll ? REALLY ?

Sorry man, that sucks. It’s the inevitable consequence of the - unfortunate, but understandable* - choice on Funcom’s part to not have any kind of oversight on their official servers.

The troll is correct though, as lame as it is, it’s not against the rules (what few there are) to block someone in like that.

*understandable in the sense that traditional “Gamemaster” support is not possible due to there being no subscription fees to fund it. It’s sad that no alternative has been found, however.


This very thing is why I invite players to my private server with active admins. It’s really the only solution to these problems.


I know and i understrand… Look for private servers lke croozi said because there is not any solution with official servers


dont know what to say

Go to private servers. There are people who are paying to give you a place to play. When on officials, it is literally a masochistic way to play. I don’t think people really understand that private servers are ran by people who care about the game. We pay for these because we want it to succeed, and grow the player base.


Couldn’t have said it better myself - my exact sentiment! I understand the hesitation of players due to bad or negligent admins or server owners who just up and quit, but there are PLENTY of active servers with great reputations that are pre-paid for a long while.

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Funcom did well financially on this game I’m sure they can hire a person to monitor the forums and when someone reports a troll on a certain server his/her job is to check the report to whoever makes the decision on what to do with troll either bring a God down and destroy this structure or ban player(s) this person doesn’t have to be ok all servers just checks forums for reports once something is reported he checks … easy job


usticeforall fenix and croozi are completely right regarding the official servers. It is not to say that FunCom do not want to or will not deal with exploits and griefers on official servers, there are just too many globally to be able to practically do that. Watch the last two or three FunCom YouTube streams.

Now, you say that you want to delete the game and all that. That is your prerogative. BUT, all world games have these same issues (look at ark and the Ark Atlas DLC), fortnight, etc. These games bring out the bullies out there. The ONLY solution is to either set yourself up a private server and bring in some friends and start all playing together. You or whoever is the Admin will be able to keep control over exploiters, etc.

I always recommend finding a nice private server if you don’t want to set up one yourself. Get one with a mod or two to make things interesting and enjoy the game.

If you insist on staying on the Official servers then check around for one you like and then, as fenix_svk says, when you build, put some hidden foundations around your base or hide your base better or get some friends in that can help guard it. You will always face the risk though of some idiot blocking you or godding you or raiding you.
Also, just remember, though I would not recommend it, raiding goes both ways… :wink:

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I understand what your saying but I don’t want to have my own private server or join one if you join one I risk one day the person that owns that server quitting then I will lose there official servers will always be there funcom needs to take responsibility on what goes on on there servers if a troll or griefers are reported they need to check that server and deal with it either call a God down and destroy said structure or ban player(s) funcom needs to keep there servers healthy with good players we don’t need trolls or griefers just ban them we don’t need them funcom just hire a person to check forums on report of trolls or griefers and there job is just to check and report to whoever makes decisions they don’t need to be on all servers just check forums for reports then they could jump on that server to check and report … funcom spend some money and hire a person and help support the good people that enjoy playing your game


yeah, i dont understand people that agree with these companys “rules” not to ban trolls cheaters or whoever is there to mess up with the people who really want to have fun in the game… thats what is games supose to be FUN and not Frustration , maybe thats why the game company name is FUNcom ? right ? im a gamer since i was 10years old started on atary them have passed trough wolfstein quake’s doom them when the LANs came out with counter-strike i spent ours playng and having FUN with friends in the LAN, but now, everything is ONLINE and seems that trolls had taken control of the FUN, and games are just not as fun as they should be…

but they can. with PEOPLE (admns/mods) taking care of servers, i bet a lot of players who stoped playng because those trolls will be back again as soon as they know that will be admins online taking care of the real gamers.

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Perhaps Funcom should look into making players with a good reputation and a mature outlook on FairPlay official server admins.

I’ve seen this work well I game of the past…

Mine is paid in advance for a year, and I get donations to keep it running. :slight_smile:

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In that case follow the published FunCom exploits and griefing process. Send through all the details, server, player-names from the log, etc.

Oh, and you don’t have to pay for a private server, you just apply to join and that’s it.

It is called private servers. You should try one. Officials will never have moderators.
Most privates are run by a group of players that truly love the game, enought to put money into it.

Officials could shut down any day as well…If there is no money coming in, eventually they will move on. More than likely with less notice than private servers. Privates are more likely to give due notice if they were shutting it dow. On PC, as long as the mod community continues, so will the private servers.

I did… it’s called solo… as the song goes, i’m having the time of my life… :grinning:

Sadly private servers in this neck of the woods are not an option… the ping is too high, or they are locked…

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Yep TeatedCorpse, that is indeed a regrettable issue in places and usually then there are also very high costs setting up a fully private and hosted server at a players home. It does get done, but expensive. This is usually the same for any multiplayer system.