[PS4] Stop building to block passes

Just wanted to note be kind its a PVE server there is no need to build to block passages. its just rude to do it.

Can’t you just climb over the wall? Or are they setting it up in a way you cannot climb. Just curious i figured climbing would fix all of that stuff.

This is going on in official pc servers too. Jerks will be jerks. I started a second on a private server for this very reason.

I was on an official server that built a black-ice reinforced wall the entire length of the desert spawning area for people that died and did not have a bed or bedroll to spawn into another area.

It was topped with spikes and was impossible to climb. It forced people to try to run the length of the wall and most of the time your character would die of thirst before being able to get around the wall.

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Same here. I rented my own server so our clan can play without the grief of people doing these kinds of things.

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Some you can climb others its a long walk around. Its just pointless to be that rude. its as if a non-gamer came on and decided to be a douche.

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Yeah on my server I Just had a clan block off the main source of metal near me, Does anyone know who I can talk to about this?

Another person linked some conversations from devs saying that basically nothing will be done. I left my official server in limbo to play on a private because of it. I’m still logging in to ensure the jerks can’t claim everything.

Public servers are like public sewers. Once you go in, expect other people’s crap.

Most sane people do the smart thing and never jump in to begin with.

Yes, passage blockers are jerks. But it’s their right to claim ownership of whatever they want, just as it is your right to prevent them from doing that. There are ways to deal with blockers.

  1. You can negotiate with them. I have personally witnessed many times how passage blockers were persuaded to put a public, open door in their wall, so that people could pass through.
  2. You can claim the passage before anyone else does so. Place a row of foundations, thereby preventing everyone else from building there.
  3. Build a wall around their base, to lock them in. Leave it there until they migrate to a different server. Wait until their base has decayed, to be sure.
  4. Ignore it and find a different route. There are no locations in CE that are accessible by only one passage. Every location can be accessed by at least two or three routes, and failing that, you can always climb over the mountains.

It’s their main source of metal now. Ask politely, maybe they’ll share it with you. Or stage a revolution and establish communism, so that everything belongs to everybody, if that’s what you want. Until then, the iron belongs to them, not to you. You have forfeited your claim on that iron when you neglected to build a wall around it. This is the law of the jungle, and of the desert, and of the North. The land of the Exiles is not for the weak.

They are going to try and tweak a few spots for the building limitations but I doubt they will do most of them.
As has been mentioned you could suggest the specific points they are blocking to having building limitations and maybe the devs will fix some of them.

I asked them politely. I got told f off and they threw a gas orb at me so I am going to have to remove them by force.

I’m on a pve server and am having same issue with people blocking routes. At the current time I have only 2 ways on bringing thralls into the highlands and that is on the western edge of the map!

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