On offical server building to block resourses?

just curious is there any rules or policy or recourse on offical servers about players building to intentionaly block off or prevent the spawning of resourses?

on the server i am on somebody is building walls all across the ridge line follwing the route of all the iron spawns has already blocked out over 80% of the iron spawns its a pve server so they can’t be destroyed really slowing down progress cause a spot i was getting 3000 ore an hour now lucky if get couple hundred.

don’t even know who is doing it as they all say no owner they weren’t there yesterday today half the vally covered with huge walls


No there is not. Only if they block off access to dungeons required for ending the game (Eg places that drop keystone components) or completely block access from the desert spawn points into the rest of the map.

This is Funcom stance on griefing and harassment on the official servers:


The “no owner” situation is a bug that Funcom will fix at some point … probably the only way you will figure out who it is now is to catch them in the act of adding to the structures.

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ya i figured it out as found his char unconsious on the walls its victordallapria tried to talk to him but he is a $##@ just laughed is doing it on purpose really don’t want ot start over on new server offical servers need some sort of admin even if its volonteer players

Get even build a wall around his wall and block him I originally wasn’t doing this cause I believe it is wrong to do but since funcom isn’t policing servers then get even if you can’t use them then they can’t either make his life miserable

me and my 2 friends gave up he continueing to build wals almost to high to climb over at this point and he went step further today went and mined up and droped foundation stones on every iron node he could find turned the ridge from best iron spot to worst everyone been trying to block him but he is determined so were renting our own server hell with offical ones they need to come up with a volenteer program were you can register to be a server admin and police the server ourselves but that would even be abused something needs done because you invest weeks and weeks in a server to have it ruined by 1 or 2 people

This is the main reason why I avoid PVE servers, PVP is a bit less stressful as you can destroy buildings.

Not sure if PlayStation has a report gamertag function that Xbox has, but try using that if it helps.

Sort of off topic because technically not a resource i think, but wish they’d do some thing about the lvl 60 idiot killing any new player and blocking off beginning to the broken bridge and also the abysmal remnant dungeon, nearly all of the southwest of the map down there.
server 3051

Funny, I thought the official servers only went up to 1999.

I just checked the server browser on PC and 1999 is the last server I could see, but based on other threads I’ve read it looks like the 3000s may be console.

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof .

but to no avail since gms are too busy being not there. even if drowned in proofs of griefing they wont lift a single hairs off their butt because they will claim that its edited. and iuf they cant bullcrap you they will take for ever to answer you. tested and proven. i have a tickeet opened that is 40 days olds and the only things gms did was to ignore my ticket but kept watching it.

they will also ask for screenshots of griefing… that will later be considered as edited. and even with screenshots uploaded to steam with a direct link they wont move…

in funcom= we got your cash for the game so leets see how deep you can go > quality and enjoyment of the game.

the name of the sever is on ps4 as official #3051 pve-c gportal

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