Player threatens with report

I have a question…
For a year me and my clan have been on official PS4 server 3045 PVE. We have a base at F5 and before we started building we checked many times if we blocked anything for other players. After many checks we build our base and made sure that iron would keep spawning and that players could reach it in any way.
But then this happend…
Yesterday i got a message (voice message) from another player who claims that she is going to report us for blocking iron and spawnpoints of iron (which we don’t!) and that she wants Funcom to ban us for 7 days because of this. I have screenshots made that show that all the iron is still there and that other players also still farm it without any problems or complains.
My question is now: If this player sends a report to Funcom about us blocking spawnpoints, does Funcom check this first or do they delete our base and stuff without a warning? We have been on this server for a year and never had any problems and now this player shows up and starts a problem that is not even there… Sorry for the long message, but we as a clan are just worried because we never ment to cause any trouble to anyone.

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I doubt Funcom would ban anyone, for blocking 1 resource node/area of stones or iron.
Can you even build somewhere, without blocking anything? There will always be a bush, tree, twigs, stone or iron.

It would be different, if you block ALL iron resources on the whole map.

But this is a really good question. An official answer would be great and maybe add this to the new rules.
@Ignasi could you give as an answer whats Ok and what not?

Because I doubt this point here means “ban for anyone who builds over some iron nodes”:

The rule:

“Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.”

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F5 is a major iron farming location but somehow I doubt that Funcom will act on iron reports considering that there is so much iron everywhere. Plus you say that you aren’t blocking anything so if she files a report and Funcom sees that this is not the case, then she could be the one getting her account suspended for filing false reports.


Really? My base is quote close to that, but I never was there farming iron… But then again, I drop iron ores when I farm stone :smiley:
If you kill bearers and/or have a Rocknose gold&silver farm, you dont need any iron-ore anymore.

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It was quite a while ago, but I once mined all the node in that area and lost count at around 250 iron nodes. So yeah the area around Tower of the Bats is one of the best areas in-game for mining iron, especially early game.

Of course, this also means it’s fairly unlikely that someone could have blocked all the iron in that area unless they’ve got one monster of a base…



Then I would understand the report and such an action could be banable.

But as you said, he/she probably doesnt have a base so big that the whole sector has no iron anymore. And its not like there are no other iron sources in the map…

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TBH, the bigger risk of someone building in that region is that a base SW of Bats can easily block the boss’ spawn in the Skittering Cavern. This would then prevent anyone from being able to obtain The Nemedian helmet. That happened on the Official I used to play on, though the owning clan was considerate enough to trim back their base over it when we provided them with the correct coordinates that needed to remain clear.


Assume much?
The OP has not been punished by Funcom. only asking if it could ba an issue. @Narelle replies with a good point of the reporter may be looked at as false reporting on purpose, and may be warned about that instead.

And BTW, why the sudden change of heart…


No, you dont agree that after these rule changes Funcom will see more reports coming in? That’s been my stance and all of them them not pertaining to exploiting or cheating should be disregarded.

And, at no point in time have I changed my thoughts (Im actually honored you dug through months old threads to find my comments :D). That quote says that Funcom should act on exploiters and cheaters. I still feel the same and hope they do so.

On pvp servers, blocking resources is a non issue. Blow it up. My mind or opinion on this has never changed. PVE is a different story as Ive stated. Being word police because someone is offended by the clan name “Covid 19” does not need Funcoms intervention. People can mute, ignore and laugh at things like that. That’s been my stance on that issue for a long long time, as I pointed out in my newly flagged comment on another thread.

So, I guess bottom line, what are you trying to prove with that quote? That I haven’t changed my mind on what Funcom should do on their servers?


Actually, it was 2nd on your list. I like to see how different opinions are, as well as can start seeing a contrarian behavior, but before i call some out out on that, i like to use facts.


Are you not being Funcom police on deciding what they will and won’t react to?


From other threads I’ve been reading this morning, it looked like that clan was responsible for all sorts of shenanigans on #2111 that saw everyone else on the server reporting them for building in the black keep among other issues. i.e. It doesn’t sound like the clan name was the issue at all.

Also, it’s been pointed out to you before that this clan was being reported for their actions, and you’ve even replied. The issue over the name might as well be a strawman or a diversion.


there is NO iron field in F5.
the only point of interest is the spider cave which is protected by a no build zone.
the closest iron field is on the right side of the bat tower. so tis only iddle threats.
take a screenshot of your base send it toeith ignasis or codemage, to remember him its monday :stuck_out_tongue: , and keep playing. dont forget to add clan name and server

I realy hope you are right, ofcourse it could be that we missed one node of iron while building the floor.
But as i said, we took like 3 days to finish the walls and floors because we wanted to be sure that we didn’t block our big white Bat friend up his tower or any iron.
We are pretty stressed about the situation because we also did much work over the year collecting the Legendary stuff with the skull keys and everything, we placed them in a special room in our main house. So if we would get banned or our base would be broken down by Funcom we would also lose all our work in that.

that boss doesnt have anything of use to drop and half the time it undermeshes when killed so…

Actually, it proves what i thought, you have dug your heels in on a subject, that really does you no harm unless you are breaking one the rules set forth in the guidelines posted. That, or you are just trying to argue for arguments sake, with no real horse in the fight, and for some reason are looking to protect troll-ish behavior. You, as i have posted just recently, also seem to not want Funcom to police privately paid for servers and forums based on their own opinion, but are more than willing to try and police Funcom on what they can police. And using freedom of speech, “police” as triggers to make the post seem more noble than something more than what they are.


Yeah, not on that link, and I at no point in time ever remember saying people should be banned/punished for bad language.

No, Im voicing my concerns on the topic. Ive stated before that there is already in game mechanics to deal with language, as well as toxic players…and oddly enough Funcom employees on the forums have said the exact same thing. I have stated these new rules will result in more people submitting reports, since now they will feel that anything that offends them is report worthy and they will feel the other person should be banned. The problem lies in what one person finds offencive,another does not. Ive stated this lots already too. Yes, it is Funcoms servers, their rules, and applied at their discretion. They’ve stated they cant admin all their servers since they have so many of them…so instead, they will deal with an increased work load of reports…most of which could be ignored if people learned to ignore things that they dont like online.

Yes, and after seeing so many people state this, if that guys clan is undermeshed they 100% deserve the ban. Totally agree.

Funny, reality begs to differ…

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I agree…
There is so much fake reporting going on at the moment and what bothers me the most is that i reacted on her message in a nice and friendly way within like 1 minute. I sended her the screenshots that the iron nods are still there and that it might have looked empty because another player has been farming iron like 2 minutes before she sended me this stuff. I didn’t get a single reaction at all and that’s why we are stressed about the situation. We have no clue if right now she is like “Okay, we can farm so there is no problem anymore!” or “I report them anyway because we have to take 20 extra steps to get to the iron now!”