Noobs need to stop!

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The new free PS4 players need to stop and think before they build. They need to stop trying to build right up someone a## or they build on top of resources. When you try and talk to them to explain how they are negatively affecting things they just give you an attitude. If they continue to do this the latger clans will fight back and start to block them from doing more harm. Please noobs learn, it’s a large map don’t build rright on top of someone and don’t build on valuable resources. You are only hurting yourself. Also stop leaving your body lay on others properties or in their base.

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Just trebuchet their bases


Destroy them duhh if its pvp
If its pve … :poop:

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I feel your pain @Darfelo, over the winter holidays I found myself frequently having to advise newcomers. Since I don’t know how you’re phrasing your warning, I’ll try to share what I’ve found to be helpful on the PC PvE I play on. Since some folks respond better to positive suggestions rather than being told not to do something, phrasing thing in such a way that they can put 2 & 2 together on their own sometimes helps.

“Hey guys, welcome to the server. Just a heads-up, but be careful with where you decide to build your base. When a clan gets purged, they get a 10-minute warning that an army will march from a distance (~100-200 yards/meters) to attack their base. BUT if your base is along the path, then it will attack yours instead and you’ll have no warning since it’s technically someone else’s purge! Also, when you set down foundations and start building, all resources within about a 2-second sprint from your construction will stop respawning, so you might want to build on bare earth or a cliff so you don’t starve yourself of wood, stone, iron, etc.”

Anyway, the hope with this phrasing is, that their instinct for self-preservation (purge) and desire to succeed (resources) will result in them taking a few seconds to think about some longer-term consequences. Generally, it also make them curious about other tips, at which point, they are then asking you for advice and seeing your feedback in a better light.

Hope this helps. If not, at least know that a lot of them won’t stick around beyond a couple months unless they’re dedicated, and the dedicated ones will usually wise up sooner or later.

Good luck!


1st world issues just like in real life. If to much immigrants are passing the border, people start building walls in fear of loosing “their” precious resources and land.

Yeah, they are new, they maybe don’t know how to behave in your domain and some even might be hostile. Oh wait, my favourite one: not enough space!

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I’ve heard that there is nowhere to build many times and have had to take them to areas where they can build however they want without affecting others. To bad most don’t want to listen.

It’s always been like this on PS4 but usually people moved on quickly after u talked to them, not always though. With free to play now on PS4 it’s worse and so far the two guys who are doing this are land spamming with single foundations. Posts, torches and they have no idea how easy it is to slow them down, but it hurts the other players who don’t behave in this way.

But it is ‘theirs’ in sovereignty …IRL if they contribute to the society and pay taxes.

Land spamming is against funcom rules but they don’t care. Building in places that hurts resources affects everyone even the people who build on the resources. They can continue to land spamming or build n resources but when they get blocked on pve or their bases destroyed in pvp I don’t want to hear them complaining.

No real way to deal with the PVE foundation claiming. Trebuchet and bombs are out and raiding all depends on decay timer at that point.

Perhaps calling them something other than “noobs” would be the first step towards mutual respect and cooperation.

Since we don’t have a detailed log of your negotiations with them, and we see only your rather aggressive forum post, it’s hard to tell whose behavior has contributed more to the build-up of hostility and conflict.


Your post is only to defend other behaviour, the post int aggressive. I am not the only person dalig with this . Every official server had issues like this. Calling them noobs is not hurting them since it just means a inexperienced person. Maybe you are just a person who thinks everybody is offensive to another because they have a problem with them and the person who is causing the problem is only doing it because they have been offended. Well your post is ridiculous because if you think everyone on my server is running around and yelling and screaming at these people. Doesn’t matter explaining it to you. You just continue to think what you want.

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Yeah dont call them noobs there thralls feed them meat give the odd trinket like used weapons and armor then they mostly do what you ask easy.

Well, my post was intended as an attempt for a neutral approach, but your reply isn’t particularly helping your case, since you’re now attacking me in addition to the “noobs”. If your problem is with the “noobs”, then please continue your discussion with them, but if you bring your case to the public, it shouldn’t come as a shock that your own behavior will also come under scrutiny.


Smaybe you need to read your post, you blamed me for the whole they behave, because you assume everyone runs up to these noobs and threatens them when in reality most players actually walk up to them and ask them in a very polite way to not o whatever it is they are doing that affects everyone. But saying please, or would you mind doesn’t work with most noobs. And gin noobs isn’t a harsh statement. If you think I’m attacking you move on people I’m responding to you who is claiming that it must be me that causes them to act this way. I stream my gameplay so I don’t run around and say nasty or stupid thing to people. My reply isn’t nasty to you either. So you should just not reply and move on or reread my original post trying o inform noobs that they should not Coninue the course they are on or they will end up getting over run by larger clans who will eventually do something about it. Again you like o say it’s someone else attacking you but reread your comment and see how you immediately say it must be me. Please don’t reply again case I won’t reply nymor to your nonsense

Hey everybody,

Daily reminder: Please keep the conversation civil and be nice to each other.


As requested, responding to no-one in particular, but wearing my linguist hat for a while.

The word noob is derived from the word newbie, meaning “an inexperienced person”. This definition is actually given by some general-purpose English dictionaries, including the respected Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster.

However, these giants of English vocabulary are slow to respond to change, and few things change as quickly as internet slang. The word noob has in recent years accumulated significant negative connotations, implying that the person being called a noob is not only inexperienced, but slow (or unable) to learn, dull-witted and probably lacking in manners as well. More specialized online dictionaries, such as and the Techopedia dictionary, support this interpretation and classify the word as derogatory.

So just like the Spanish word for “black” used to be a neutral term for a black person in English, very few linguists or cultural historians would claim that it doesn’t have negative connotations in modern speech.

Furthermore, analyzing my own choice of words in my first post,

it is evident that I’m not actually pointing a finger at anyone, and I’m actually submitting that without further evidence we cannot know who is to blame. If I was implying anything, then it was that supplying actual evidence regarding the incident would help us understand what truly occurred.


See now why do people have to go and ruin a completely healthy word like noob. You know what, I made it through school without ever having to crack open “netlingo book” to pass an English test. Think we should all stick to that principle. If noob is gone I demand that novice be stricken from the book as well!


Here are the definitions of the two words:
-Noob: A noob or n00b is someone that lacks intellegance or common sense, most people think that noob is a word used only in the online gaming world, but in reality it is becoming an ever popular word with teenage society.
A noob could be simply a level 100 running round shouting ‘‘WHERE DO I GO!?’’ or someone calling someone else a noob and then getting hit with a brick, anyone can call anyone a noob, but normally they are noobs themselves.
-Newb: A newb or newbie is someone that is new to a task or challenge, wether it be a game or a job. But thepeople want to learn and are willing to follow instructions. They are sometimes a bit over-confident, but mostly just want to understand the task or challenge and mean good.

As you can see, the two definitions are not very similar at all. In fact, the word ‘noob’ is now somewhat an insult meaning ‘idiot’ or ‘douche’. Referring to new players as ‘noobs’ is not fair and should be stopped!

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Yes I agree completely. Not everything is derogatory or just because a few want to make it so. Reread my original post. I never asked for anyone to tell me how to talk to noobs. I only asked for noobs to think and try to do things logically. When you ask someone to please reconsider moving their house and explain the reason why it isn’t benificial to place it where they are and their response is shut up d##k I’ll do what I want you would get tired of listening to them. Please don’t come in and try to tell everyone how they need to respond to others. When all you do is play single player. If you think most new players are kind and wonderful think again. Free to play brings out some bad attitudes because they have nothing invested in the game. I have many noobs who have agreed with what I said to the more ignorant people and i’d do anything to help them in game.