What do we think of neighbors?

Now, I have always loved games you can build, Minecraft, Ark, SimCity you name it. I love making a aesthetically pleasing house in a generally isolated area (that’s what I’ve done on my main character). All of a sudden I see all these shacks and large 20x20+ BOXES just laying around. I am probably being pitiful but I get genuinely upset at looking at these horrid structures and honestly it just makes me a very hostile neighbor Placing watchtowers and other kinds of decorations around the landscape to keep people from building too large of boxes. Whilst, I do love building I am not new to survival games especially ones that include this kind of PvP, so I am incredibly cautious of anyone running within eyesight of my base(s) and tend to drive people out when I can. I much rather be alone and secure than having all these people running around taking resources and land. I’m always down for traders or other goods builders but you can’t exactly tell who’s who. So, my question was what does everyone else think of their neighbors? I’m genuinely curious.

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I share your dislike for ugly featureless architecture! I used to run a minecraft server just for a few friends of mine, and three of us used to spend ages crafting really nice themed buildings, but the fourth chap seemed to lack vision and all his buildings looked like gaudily coloured shoeboxes!

That’s why I mainly play single player and don’t have neighbours. I’d rage out big time if rapscallions moved into my virtual back yard and erected unsightly buildings!

It’s all subjective when it comes to appreciation of architecture though, One man’s Taj Mahal might be another mans office block :grin:


I have an amazing architectural player on my PvE server called Daria. She builds structures in ways you’d never even think was possible, ranging from barock, to modern.

She beautifies the server so much with her structures, that she’s the only player (she’s queen of a tribe of 5) I don’t mind, grabbing so much land, cuz she adds vallue to it. Public maprooms, bars, and infrastructure with an eye for detail.

On the other hand, my server also have bat-frak crazy players who build roads across the whole danm map, as if they were building a minecraft railroad system. I donnoh if this is a clever way to combine a decay timer, or genuinely just crazy or bored…but that’s messed up. It would be ok if that player had as good of a sense of construction as Daria…but nope. One wreck of a “road” just randomly paving the whole landscape.

Plans are already underway to actually build a great wall of china to defend the north from his madness, as this player turns global and voice chat off. Just completely ignores all hails.

I think the ghetto (Desert starting area) is the worst when it comes to shoe-boxes-on-sticks… or “Shoebox Kabobs”. It’s a case study of how NOT to build bases when there are purges abound.

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I would love to see some of the structures this Daria has built would you mind taking a few pics and posting them

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So, I wonder. How would you make a bridge that attaches two plateaus It’s generally straight with space in the middle for an elevator. It’s about 10 blocks high with 2 elevators about 50+x3 and I look at it and I experience serious builder’s pride and I think it’s the best but I know it’s not that great. How would you make this bridge pleasing to look at?

Unless I detect some kind of malicious intent, I really don’t mind. It was an extra challenge for me to choose a desirable location that was unlikely to be impinged upon by other players too.

I only had 10 choices though, since I ain’t keen on walking :stuck_out_tongue:

As luck would have it, no one ever built anywhere near me and the northern swamp blisk was mine alone.

No wonder lol no one usually wants to live in the swamp land. I personally live in the Dafari territory apperantly that is the free-range for everyone despite the lack of resources.

I love the swamp. Particularly around that blisk. It’s peaceful, beautiful spiders spit crippling poison in your face, there’s a boss and legendary chest right next door and a cave crammed full of crystal just upstream.

The upper staging platform makes for an impenetrable fence around the majority of it’s perimeter too (since the purge can’t climb).

Building up to the borders of a blisk makes it exponentially more difficult for people to troll you by blocking access to your base and with a map room, you have instant access to 10 locations and can go from any map room back to your base, so the relative dearth of higher level resources in the area isn’t relevant.

What is this about a

I thought all chest were the same?

Nope the world bosses protect a legendary box that is only opened with a skeleton key that boss drops and have to be lvl 60 to open.

Afaik, all keys and chests are interchangeable. But having an easy boss within spitting distance of your base doesn’t hurt. I had over 100 legendary weapons for that reason alone. I had a couple of palisades next to my base and could drop the boss in 2 minutes every time I passed through.

Edit: Oh, you mean all chests? Nah. Different chests have different loot pools but aside from that, legendary chests are as described by Icedhuntsman.

Edit 2: Just to clarify a bit, there are several different regular loot chests with set loot pools, with the amounts and exact contents being randomised with respect to the pool. So if you find a chest with gold or silver in it (coins or bars), it will always contain gold and/or silver in varying amounts.

The bosses/ legendary chests respawn after 15 minutes or so too. I never checked personally, but going by conanexilesmap site, there are a few bosses with no chests nearby in the desert, but most bosses guard a chest.

You can also trade the key you get by harvesting the boss to a level 60 player and they can open the chest for you and trade you the resulting weapon.

Until purges are sorted, we can’t repair legendary stuff, so it’s kinda useless atm, but some items have utility. The jedias and forgelight glow like weak torches and there are a couple of shields with +/- 20 temperature protection. Going by the description on some weapons, they are also supposed to glow, but don’t.

I’ve yet to find any evidence of specific rarity for the legendaries, but having opened so any chests, I ended up with dupes of many items, and only finally got the one I wanted just before I handed over my clan.
(I actually got 2 black dragon pikes within a couple of hours after having not seen 1 for over 500. I lost one when I dropped a loot bag and it vanished tho).

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I keep telling Daria she needs to enter these for the community contest… but she’s so damn humble. lol

I dont’ wanna show off too much of the amazing exteriors so i made some interior shots.


Wow, those are absolutely beautiful! I wish I could have the same interior decorating skill as Daria. Absolutely beautiful :star_struck:

Edit: Wow, I go back and look at my interior and I think I am just a pleb :laughing: Seriously, tell this perosn the extent of their talent.

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Looks great. Cosy.

Please let Daria know the community here on the forums is super impressed with her work!

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We call that dome “The UFO”


Then we have complete a$$hats who think they are doing the server a favor by building “roads” across the whole map and claiming it all in the process!

Official servers really are a mixed bag of extremes.

I’m trying to figure out how to do public map rooms. I have map rooms near most of the obelisks on my server, and I appear to be the only one doing it as I’ve only seen one other map room on the entire server, so since it’s a PvE server I figured I’d be nice and let anyone use it. There doesn’t seem to be any option to allow anyone to use it.

If they can reach it to interact with it, it’s usable by anyone with the default settings.

The other map room I found on my server, I tried to interact with but got a message of you do not own this.

Playing on an official server so obviously default settings.