Got new neighbours

There goes my view :slightly_smiling_face:


What did Frank Lloyd Wright do to get exiled out here with the rest of us?


wow this looks awesome!!!
amazing work indeed!

if this is pvp do me a favor and take a steel pick to the bottom and record the rest, also the fudge is at the top? XD


I don’t think that looks awesome to Cat-That-Kills’ eyes :joy: I hate when people build those skyskyscraper right next to my house, yea…

was just kidding, sorry couldn’t help :slight_smile:
Btw Cat, i know it’s not what you wanna hear but it’s a fact: you should find a good private server if you don’t wanna see it again.
Such things never happen on my server.

i took it as an eviction notice and moved to the north; enjoying the beauty while it lasts

lol well hopefully they become good or decent neighbors, Thankfully on my official server the exiles in pve arent spamming or doing other annoying things so far, I even put up a local donation box for everyone.

I thought it looked awesome!

It’s crap like this that makes me wish these games would incorporate physics and gravity.

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