What do we think of neighbors?

Huh, I dunno them. Did you click the mini obelisks around the edge?

I played on PVE-C official and my server had public map rooms all over the place. (several from my clan).

You can pick them up again after placing so just drop one and ask someone to test it?

AAAALL the way to the north.

It went so far that we had to build a blockade to stop him from cutting Asagard in half

The sad thing is poeple hope he wont’be able to maintain such a massive network, but it’s all connected…

This Beth Raghnaid guy has no problem at all maintaining the timer on this massssive land claim.

The battle of the borders. My friend had to build a wall to divert the road away from his territory. The structures marr the natural beauty of the landscape.

Anyone know what language this is? Everyone’s telling him to stop but he doesn’t seem to understand.
It’s not spanish, nore portguese. It has latin words, but completely different syntax. It must either be a dialect or the letters are missing a lot of intonations.

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I am with you on Latin…but Bia is Greek for Force (daughter of Pallas and Styx and sister of Cratus, Nike, and Zelos)…Nike Swoosh anyone? :wink::smiley: But then there are a number of spanish words…which derive from Latin. My guess is it player(s) from the Barcelona Spain area.

1st sign is a mix of words…perhaps trying the international theme or making up things.
Bia in constru(y)endo cabere hatis lupos!
Force in construction fit heart’s wolf(s)!

  • hati = Indonesian heart and hati’s…heart’s … not sure what the Spanish (or Latin) word here is.
  • lupos is Lithuanian for lips…but does not seem right…must be lupo (wolf) … lupo’s = wolves which is spanish

So the 2nd sign:
Bia pacata libera pro omnes Biatores
Force modest(f) free for all Forcetear/Asunder/Shred

It seems they are welcoming all/anyone to destroy it/that. :grinning::open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

Do you have any idea what they used for the counters on the last picture? I can’t seem to find a good countertop.

The first sign says something along the lines of “The road protects the traveler from dire wolves (hatis lupos)” (when translated via Latin, without the syntax) especially if you replace the “bia” with “via”

But your tip really really helped about him coming from Barcelona: I identified the language as a Catalan dialect, which makes this neigh impossible to talk with him.

The second sign reads something along the lines of “Via (way) pacata(free) libera (deliver) pro (for) omnes(all) Biatores (travellers?)” - “Public Road”

Bingo. “Viator” in Latin means traveller.

It’s like using Latin with a spanish syntax.

Indeed. Yes! I believe you nailed it.

Catalan is not really a dialect of Spanish though. It is a separate language directly from Latin and spoken by about 9 million people from Catalonia which is where Barcelona is from. I remember when being in Marseilles there were some Spaniards I had no idea what they were saying (I speak French and Spanish)…and indeed they were in from Barcelona…and now I know why. :grinning:

addrows of pillars underneath and build a roof over it with awnings


Couldn’t be per chance a PvP server? That seems like a very easy fix? Break a few holes in this wall/road of his in key locations would not only stop him from advancing but if you’re lucky let chunks of the road decay.

It’s fine. It turns out he can speak english. It’s just that he didn’t have global or voice chat turned on… or considered us sentient NPC’s of the world beneath his notice.

Either way, he set up some signs along his road, in response to my signs along the blockade.

We’re having a very analogue conversation… I am telling him to turn on global chat, and i’ll add him to steam chat… If he refuses then his guise has fallen.


I like neighbors. If I didn’t I’d limit myself to singleplayer mode.

The only bad neighbors would be ones who build on top of critical resource areas and king-critter spawn locations.

It is my understanding that yes, they will no longer spawn at that location. One giant croc on our server (the kind that drops keys) is gone due to land claim. Perhaps I should have said something more akin to boss-critters – as there are king-critters in the vein of the elk-king and shaleback-king that are relatively easy and do not drop keys, and others with the insane HP pool that drop the keys.

AFAIK the boss critters will still spawn even if the area is land claimed.

On my server someone built their base on that small lake just to the north of the river for south beach. The giant croc spawns there, it continues to spawn there. For a while I was using the guys structure and his multitude of archers to easy mode kill the giant croc for keys.

I’m sure this player built there on purpose with his brigade of archers so he could farm out keys infinitely.

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Those look great! Clearly a talented virtual architect :grinning:

Interesting, because on our server one of the boss-crocs no longer spawns and there are foundations around his spawn area. The boss-croc I’m talking about used to spawn in a small cave off the river, kind of mid-map, with a legendary chest behind him. Perhaps the explanation is that the cave boss-croc has a much smaller spawning area than the one by the small lake you are referring to… who knows…

Again, I still like neighbors, for the most part :wink:

Unless I missed it beforehand, I think a fairly recent patch added a no build zone around boss spawns. It may not have retroactively cleared structures already built there though.

If you can build near a boss, report back?

Looks like the default large table (and you can see the stove back there, too) behind T2 fences.

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Is this PvE, or PvP? If it is PvP, I would be happy to join, and use a few hundred jars to break up his claim into 5 foundation segments, and then watch them all decay. If the purge were working, I think that would also make quick work of this mess.

PvE. But that’s fine… Just a matter of time.

So far, so inconsistent. I wasn’t able to build close to the swamp locust queen. The chest was right by the spawn though. I wonder if the chest itself has a no build zone. Is it near the gator spawn?

I’ve tried running levels in the dev kit but it usually just explodes in a clutter of fatal errors. PEBCAK maybe.

I also recall someone on my server saying that one of the bosses no longer spawned and there were player structures around.

Inconclusive this is.

Hm. As I started playing on pvp a while ago I must say:
On PvE and PvE-c I like neighbors. Mostly because I both am curious what they will build and I want to show off.
On PvP I am less amused by neighbours - as I always build rather secluded. I even run around in the night without any lightsource just to keep myself hidden. However - a ton of players carelessly use torches in the night, giving their position away. If these morons build right next to me, of course I dislike that!