What do we think of neighbors?

i build a huge castle on a pvp server :joy: it has so many thralls that other players dont even dare to come near​:eyes:

Remember my “best friend” Raghnaid?

I’ve been embroiled in a turf war against him and it just keeps escalating:

I protect obilisks at all costs.

Turned out, he was a hardcore roleplayer, who refuses to use global chat or even voice chat.

This is how role players communicate… We take telecommunication for far too granted…

He offered to meet me in “person”.

Roleplay, I can do.

Peace deals are serious business on PvE servers. It’s a matter of lag or no lag.
Especially if they build a highway from one end of the map to the other.

(mind you, it’s a meeting between 2 women characters,so it’s a bit cozier then your average conference room. The beer barrel is a european thing…)


Love the deco. Now this is a cool RP Event. :grinning:

Hey man I hear and feel for you, but in a way i kinda think your a moron as well, dont play on pvp servers, play on the PVE servers, if you dont want any one around play the single player version, or even better rent your own server they are cheap like 10 bucks a month or so, than you rule the land and whats on it, your post seriously is not a viable one.

Red Sonja

That’s my build spot as well. I build on rock outcrop between the pond and the river. Good starting spot and a whole heap of resources just a short walk away. I just chose to avoid the king croc when I picked it - didn’t know about the keys or chest. Now it’s just habit. I try not to kill the spawn points, but some of the smaller crocs have gone as I’ve spread out. I’m happy for him to have one shore and me the other. He’s only eaten me once.

I got another story but without screenshots, sorry.

So I started to play on pvp a few weeks ago, and we were lucky enough for only 1 clan to have raided us once until now. As I played on pve/pve-c all the time before that, I totally fell back into pve-building-mode when constructing our base. So we actually got a rather bad security on mainbase, even if I want to build a new one, with better production areas and all in all more secure. (I want to cry when thinking about that…)

Well, to get back to the topic of neighbors…
We had 4 neighbors at our first base - which is now our farming outpost. (I wont count todays wheel base as first base, as it was nothing but a logout shack.)

First were some inactive guys. Decay worked this out for us. :joy:

Second were some guys who claimed to have been raided by a certain clan… Soon they quit as well. :hushed:

Third was a clan, which got raided by the same clan (and a second one) and then rebuilt near our base.
While we started a friendship, we also built our mainbase. :sunglasses:

So up until now, I never were too happy with more people swarming in but the worst were the forth clan.
They started to build fake (?) bases which led up to both our farming outpost (which then started to have a nice lil “disappointed?” sign inside, the base being cleared of all resources) and to the base of our allies. :confused:

And now we got some interesting stuff going on - as the big clan on the server was attacked by said forth clan because of them wanting to get some war going. Said big clan didnt think about enabling god protection - and as they werent online in the first raiding hour, the forth clan used the chance to put a giant hole into their base…

Funfact: They are trying to make it seem as if we are provoking a war with them, even though they already planned the war a few days ago. :thinking: :joy:

Long story short: neighbors are fine, as long as:
a) they build in a nice way (not too much landclaim, not too shabby)
b) they arent invading or trying to expose other players bases.

Oh, and I totally know of “cozy” meetings with other female toons… :wink:

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