What do we think of neighbors?



Is this PvE, or PvP? If it is PvP, I would be happy to join, and use a few hundred jars to break up his claim into 5 foundation segments, and then watch them all decay. If the purge were working, I think that would also make quick work of this mess.


PvE. But that’s fine… Just a matter of time.


I could build near the world boss at the hidden lake in the oasis area. The alligator did not move out. He tried to eat me while I was inside the building. I did some admin-magic and killed him quickly and checked to see if he would spawn again. He did and he was still poking his snout where it didn’t need to be. (Through the walls into my building.)


So far, so inconsistent. I wasn’t able to build close to the swamp locust queen. The chest was right by the spawn though. I wonder if the chest itself has a no build zone. Is it near the gator spawn?

I’ve tried running levels in the dev kit but it usually just explodes in a clutter of fatal errors. PEBCAK maybe.

I also recall someone on my server saying that one of the bosses no longer spawned and there were player structures around.

Inconclusive this is.


The chest is in the middle of the water near the large rock which does disappear if one builds too close to it. I will attempt to build in the area of the chest and see if it is permitted. Since the chest is in the water and the alligator is on the shore, they are not spawning very close together.


Hm. As I started playing on pvp a while ago I must say:
On PvE and PvE-c I like neighbors. Mostly because I both am curious what they will build and I want to show off.
On PvP I am less amused by neighbours - as I always build rather secluded. I even run around in the night without any lightsource just to keep myself hidden. However - a ton of players carelessly use torches in the night, giving their position away. If these morons build right next to me, of course I dislike that!


i build a huge castle on a pvp server :joy: it has so many thralls that other players dont even dare to come near​:eyes: