PvE Griefers blocking off locations


So, have had a great time playing on official, leveling etc. Until i realized that funcom has set no restrictions on where you can build, which is a huge issue on pve when griefers start blocking off locations like caves, and since there’s no apparent admin support on official, nothing can be done about it, which means I can’t get certain resources.

How could you possibly have overlooked this? On pvp it’s not an issue but this is borderline gamebreaking on pve.


And just to add a note, these players have claimed just about the entire northern green/desert region for themselves by placing support beams all over the place.

I was wondering why I saw little tiny building only a 4x4 wide everywhere when I got onto a server finally for the first time (still can’t get back on) I remember them blocking off Iron Nodes before release… Mean to tell me this company didn’t do anything still to prevent this before release? It is ground breaking since you can’t do much without being able to farm certain materials.

I had not thought of this kind of problem before because I still have not made much progress in the game, but griefers will take advantage of it. I like servers to offer ample freedom for the public to build wherever they wish, but players need to be respectful of rules and be fair to others… especially in a coop game, where constructions are technically invulnerable. Servers must prevent certain areas from being blocked or even having any type of construction. It’s even a way to prevent unnecessary visual pollution.

Hmmmm… from what I see, Funcom has enough work for months on the support side in these emergency problems. It’s a shame because I would rather see that focus and time turned to new content and game improvements.

Yup, company pretty much ignored the major issues and released the game too soon. No surprise. The developers haven’t changed or fixed anything. They still have their same old attitude too. Go read into their recent review. “Yeah we don’t feel like doing anything about people AFKing in servers because they’ll do it anyway”. And then they actually add what we asked for. The game lost interest in early access because they never got anything done, not because it was early access. Now they released a unfinished game. My server as of now is broken to the point that I can’t play, because for some odd reason, I go through walls.

I still think what they need to do is make a system in place where it limit your Building pieces (foundation, wall, ceiling ) to a certain amount. And keep placeable unlimited but with no land claim process. So that you cant wall off an entire section.

I was thinking per person its can be like 300 pieces and with a clan that can be +110% so if two player are in a clan its 660 limit. Even if that clan disband or if the player has left the clan that clan is stuck at the limit of per player so even if hes over the ammount he just wouldnt be able to rebuild or replace until he lowers the number of building to below the limit.

I feel it’s better with a maximum swuare meter system, you really only need one base, and i always tear down mine when i move on so atleast I personally don’t lag up the area, there’s this clan who’s vuilt on the island in the green north, and they’ve built so much now that the bears have despawned.

Need a type of monster with the specific purpose of breaking interrupted paths to nodes and through passageways.

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