New players being walled off from other areas

On official ps4 pve conflict server 3828, there is people building massive spiked walls that cover massive portions of the map blocking people from accessing areas. New players cant travel much past the river without hitting this massive wall. It shouldnt be allowed atleast on a offical server, that people make these massive walls that cover huge distances. Also the server is flooded with huge boxed tunnels so its owners can travel with ease but yet it effects spawns and over all experience of others trying to play the game. Theres needs to be some sort of base radius maximum or something. It’s a bit rediculas to have a tunnel that goes from the bottom of the map to the top. I mean on private server if this is your thing that’s fine but on official shouldnt be allowed.


Come play on a pvp server where at least you blow that crap up. I know that’s not a great solution, but it is an option.

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I used to play ark survival evolved pvp alot, I just dont have the time anymore these days to put so much time in my base to risk having it destroyed. That’s why pve conflict works best for me these days.


Yea, I reckon the best option is simply to play on a pvp server. I’m on one, and theres been practically zero pvp so far (at least if you logoff indoors somebody doesn’t kill you while unconscious). Now Im lvl 60 and gonna start building my dream castle next…

Or swap servers, Look up some quick leveling guides.

Can also join PVE private one. (thou finding one with good rule set, and not some x10 gather on) can be a pain.

They really need to introduce the Flag system several of us pointed out long ago. Remove foundation land claim, and move it to a player placed flag. (you get small 1 at first, get bigger on later, few more small ones, that prevent decay to items inside its range)
This way, random foundation around map just cant happen…


I’ve seen similar builds on pve and pvec. I found this one official pve server where the whole of the river area was a humongous sprawl of bases and literal villages. There were also several “public shelters” with open chests filled with cast off loot. Not a terrible experience…just odd. I didn’t bother building a base at all on this server…for all of the four days I played on it. Yeah, I got bored real quick. I play only pvp official now. What I have found is that many of the clans I run into on pvp are more interested in organized fort battles, duels and beast wars which leave their main bases off limits.

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