Advice needed: PVE Conflict Server & Annoying Random building placement

Apologies if this was covered somewhere, but I wasn’t able to find any reference to this.

I joined a friend on a PVE Conflict server, and we set about to build our base in what was initially a secluded uninhabited area. However, over the weekend the area now has several people and some of them have decided to block off entire area’s, so that you can’t enter them at all anymore or if you get trapped, can’t get out anymore.
The question is, on the PVE Conflict servers, how do you stop people from just covering your base and area with sh*t, cos you can’t destroy it…?
And is there a PVE method in which u can destroy annoying, and frankly gameplay breaking, structures? I.e. with the God Avatars and such? As I’d like to keep exploring, without coming across just a random sandstone wall, built purely to troll and block entry…

Thanks for the info

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+1 I’m with you. Some will say “if you can build there, it’s fine” but I’m calling bullsh!t. If it’s preventing you from leaving your base it should be destroyed by devs.

Guess no real answer to it.
And suppose it doesn’t matter, as the servers are over-populated. 40/40 for every server in EU in the evenings…
Guess I’ll only be able to go online again in the early morning on the weekend…

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