Buildings on the sulfur lake in Pve and Pve conflict


will funcom help us or should we give up playing it?

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Hi, Vingador, welcome to the forums!

Funcom’s official posture, as far as I’ve seen, is that the official servers are not moderated. They very rarely get involved at all and it has to be something that makes the game more or less unplayable for all, such as walling in the new characters’ spawn points in the desert or intentionally making a building specifically designed to slow down the whole server.

Your options are:

  • Ping Hugo or Ignasis and hope Funcom does something different this time.
  • Get used to the way things are and keep playing on the same server.
  • Move to a different official server.
  • Move to a private server or rent your own.

Here’s official post by Tascha on Funcom’s harassment policy:

Good luck!



What system do you play on?

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If you want a good PVE Server with a Community Server Chat, you can Private Message me for my Server number. I’d be willing to help you with supplies to get started again.


@Vingador zeb is good people take up her offer.


yeah thats an offical server for ya. Those problems have been around for ages and hardly ever get resolved. Go play on private servers. I run a private PVE C server called Darksun. The only rule I enforce is no walling in bases or locations.


I play in the same server that @Zeb is calling you. The only minus you will find in this server is the purge hour, because it is synchronized with NY time and you will have to stay awake to have it, if you are European. To everything else is awesome, the players are really helpful to each other and our little Queen Zeb always manages to organize the good flow of the server. Not to mention Lordgangsta that build beautiful map rooms for all of us to use. I guarantee you that you will really enjoy the game in this server. The next days i don’t log in to long because i help a friend to organize a pvp server, but i think that at the end of this week, i’ll have more time to enjoy my beloved pve to my beloved server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Hope to see you there :+1:, welcome to the comunity.


in official server 1996 the clan la purga has a whole castle around where sulfur is billed

Reason 9,789,675,231 to avoid official trash like the plague. I know that’s not helpful but I cant ever imagine having to put up with that nonsense.

You know what would be cool, if PVE servers had an admin option to ‘ghost’ a griefing clan. Like, turn their structures into phantom buildings.

When they sign in they’d still see everything they’ve build. But to everyone else, it’s not there.

Imagine the trolls signing in for months on end in order to upkeep a structure that isn’t really there. :grinning:

(I know that won’t ever be a thing, but it would sure be cool)

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