Official PVE Servers - NoAdmins + Griefers

I know there are a lot of servers and there is no way to have a official admin on each official servers.
I know there will be a update trying to help to prevent grieffers action, but we know toxic players will always find a way to ruin others games.
And I know, aparently, there is no support ingame to a immediatly action or fix.

BUT, in some particular cases, with proper screenshots showing well the issue ingame (SS of issue, SS where in the map it is, and many other information which help support to find ASAP the issue) as a blocked passage or a player with his building, locked inside a bigger building around, we could have a help from FunCom to deal ingame with this. Shift+Delete with Admin power is so fast to resolve things like this.

I believe counting all PVE official Servers, there a lot less than PVP servers.

IDK what are you talking about? Just build a huge wall around the blocker. If he replies negatively and refuses to move. that way he/she cannot get out nor can go in. Wall with some spikes at the top makes wonders with @ssholes.

And what about grieffers locking other players building inside a bigger building?

There is always a bigger fish. :smiley:
On PVE at least on our server 99% of the players are friendly.

So if a newcommer comes and starts to do something demoralizing we as a team making efforts to stop him.
First ask nicely, than make an order, if nothing happens well 40ppl helping with the grind for that wall.

happened 2 times already.

The end usually looks like this: dude starts criing that he got walled in. and asks for a solution.
So we help him to move from the blocker spot.

One guy blocked a passage (shortcut near galleon with the story ghost inside) .
Another one build right on top of the white tiger boss in savannah.

Also there was another team who build into the crevice (passage up north) but they were made an opening for the first friendly ask. So I think these things are manageable by players.

Would be easier to make some explosives and clear these buildings… but that’s PVP :smiley: <- so there is a 3rd solution for your problem.

PvE griefing should never be allowed. If you want to allow it in any form, make it PvP - that’s what PvP is for!
When players behave like they are on a PvP server, by exploiting mechanics and rules to “attack” players then that should be instantly punished.

Players choose to play PvP on PvP servers, they enjoy that aspect, and good for them.
Players who wish to remain PvE should have the choice to keep it that way, not have griefers ruin it because they’re too scared to go on PvP, but instead attack those who do not wish to PvP.

By attack i mean, blocking resources, kiting bosses to other players bases which then kill all the thralls/destroy structures, building around a player base to effectively stop them building.

It’s so easy to say “oh you can do the same to them”
But why the hell should they?
it sends out the wrong message, that you should always take the law into your own hands.

Also, the griefers usually have much more time and resources to do the griefing, and the victims usually play much less so an “eye for an eye” response simply is not practical.

Finally, the griefers dont care. You can retaliate all day, play their game, that’s what they want in the first place - take you away from playing the game your way, how you want - forcing you to do what they want, this is the victory the seek.

Bans for repeated griefing should be bare minimum, starting off with a warning, and if continued, a short ban of 24-48 hours.
If still offending, reset the account of the offender - level 1 and take away all buildings/items - basically a character wipe.

Finally if they continue, permanent ban of Steam account (on PC).

I honestly do not see how hard this is to sort out, ensure there are reporting tools, that require evidence - chat logs, screen shots, multiple player reports (if admin receive at least 5 separate complaints, automatically trigger investigation/warning to the offending player).

I don’t want to patronise anyone here, it’s really simple for an adult to show some kind of responsibility and take charge of this side of the game - show the players you care, and that griefing will not be tolerated.

FUNCOM i challenge you to make a difference - even if that means employing player admins on a server if you cannot spare your own staff!!
Abuse of power again will be dealt with by removal of powers - and/or further punishment according to the seriousness of offence.

Very well said…

I dont know why its so hard to pvp players understand that kind of things IS PVP too, but not directly.