Question for PS4 PvE Official Server Players

Are there any relatively unpopulated official pve servers that are not littered with enormous walls and bases? It’s extremely hard to find one that doesn’t have bases that are unnecessarily large or roads/walls stretching across the map preventing boss and resources spawns or cutting off POIs. I checked around 3 with the free time I had and one had roads going on endlessly. I stopped following the roads after walking from dregs to the oasis with King Rhino and Mitra religion teacher. Another one had huge cities which would crash me when I got close that were unnecessarily large and seemed never-ending. Land claiming in PvP I understand, but in PvE it doesn’t make sense to do that stuff.

3002 Isn’t so bad imo. There are a few “big builders” (like 2-3 of them) so to speak but they are not intrusive in their building and mostly just very helpful. Nothing is blocked off that I seen. No dumb walls or anything like that. More the opposite like strategically placed map rooms, stairs, elevators and bridges that is open for all to use.

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