[PS4] [PvE] Admins taking up all the good land for over half the map

Over half the map starting from where you find “The unarmed city” to all the up north to where it starts snowing admins have claimed land as their own. Me and my friends have worked hard and we’ve had this game since close to day one of ps4 release and these admins are ■■■■■■■■ everything up. They’ve put foundations and pillars everywhere stretching out from their bases which are all over the place. They even have a titty bar at one point called “The laughing hyena” . They kicked someone for building near a Thrall base they liked because it caused them not to spawn (a small 4x4 house.) These admins are dickheads and need to be stopped. It’s a PS4 sever “Official server #3507 PvE - g-portal . us revision (#96039/17767). Please some one who is able do something about this, me and my friends have had fun up until this point and now we are all pissed.

Thank you.

Hi, there are no Admins on Official Servers, I recommend finding a friendly-er server, look in the Community section here in the forums, there’s PVE servers wanting more people :wink:

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