Building over full map official servers

I am just looking for peoples thoughts.
On a Official PvE-C server.
When does it become over building?
I dont mind if people build 1 or 2 giant bases. Little satellites over the map.
But 1 clan has taken it apon themselves to build giant structures all over the map. Like its their own private server.
Where is the line drawn? It drastically slows down the servers.
To make matters worse. They sport kill you while offline. Dropping gas orbs here and there (or they cheating and somehow getting in your base).

End of rant.
Just curious. Yay or nay?

Hmmm :thinking: as a private server admin I always tend to say “nay” to that behavior, and I’m pretty sure if you wrote a zendesk ticket their buildings would get admin wiped.
But some pictures of said “giant structures” would be nice. I’m curious what kind of building atrocities people can come up with. :yum:

It is possible to throw gas orbs through windows, or kill someone with gas if they lie close enough to the walls. That is totally ok on a PvE-C server in my opinion.

Maybe send them a link to the tos rules for official servers? There still isn’t anyway of knowing such rules exist to a player that doesn’t go on the forums.

If it’s slowing down the server, they gotta get reported.

Yeah I’m not feeling the compassion to warn them if they offline gas kill other players in their bases on a PVE-C server. That’s just petty.

I mean don’t log out in the open? If they are being gassed then you are either in a 1x1 or out in the open or you have no roof.

Everyone deserves a warning and that includes from FC.

True…but if they are in a base, there is no reason to gas someone if you get no spoils out of it. That’s just being a jerk, IMHO and therefore I have no compassion to warn them of the pending ToS violation they are suspect of.


Just giving my opinion. If you choose to report someone for killing you in a video game then go for it.

understood and I get where you are coming from…I would hate to be surprised by a dev wipe and FC should give a warning…but players don’t need to anymore than we should force ethical game play.

Tbh I hope they do get reported because then there will be even more people coming here to complain about a isssue that’s killing the game.(and no it’s not gas orbs)

No, they purposely go out of their way to find you. I was high up in my tower. With one window.

I feel like I know the type. Have you tried talking to them? I’m not saying you should, I’m just curious to see if it’s the kind of people I’ve run into before.

At any rate, that’s one of those things that I would report. It’s up to you if you want to try to talk to them peacefully first. Given what you’ve said about gassing people in their homes, I don’t have high hopes that talking to them would resolve any issues, but you’re free to try.

Or you have a window with a line of sight to where you logged out and someone shot a few gas arrows through it.

Yeah, those poor, poor players who – let me check my notes – treated the server as their own private playground until it’s slow as molasses and who go out of their way to be dicks to other people by gassing them through their base windows, won’t anyone think of them?

I mean, come on, you know they’re not “reporting them for killing them in a video game”. They’re not even reporting them because “it’s the new PVP meta”, because they’re on a PVE-C server. They’re reporting them because their builds are ruining the experience for everyone on that server.

I mean, you can try reporting someone for gassing you offline and see how far that gets you. The whole thing about being killed offline has to do with whether it’s worth trying to talk to people who behave like dicks.

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