PVE-C fighting at all times. Not just PVP time

I play on a PS4 PVE-C server and it suits my play style the best. I like to have the option to PVP with other players but not worry about my home being destroyed offline. Just a suggestion, would it be possible to have PVP time be all the time on PVE-C but we just cant destroy eachothers property? It kind of seems pointless to not be able to fight a person at any time on a conflict server. People can easily keep themselves safe when offline inside their indestructible bases. Thanks guys


Not on Official servers.

But on private server, this can be set by the admin manually. Can someone verify that this can be done on PS4 private servers?

cool idea

I agree a million percent. I play pvp and quite frankly you’re safe enough in a T3 building in a good location as it is! I think it would even be nice ina pve-c setting to only have a MAIN indistructable base, or section there of, and the rest of the base could be destroyed during certain timeframes, and character pvp at a constant.

Maybe clan leader selecting a specific piece of foundation and a certain distance radius 720° indestructible building?

I think that option would eliminate some griefing at least. You can be safe and with your stuff at a more leisurely pace in you’re castle keep, and unable to build indestructible walls around obolisks and points of interest

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