Looking for a PVP/ PVE- C combined experience PS4

Hi (Hope this is correct place to post this)

I was wondering if anyone on PS4 has created a server that allows PVP without any building damage allowed (Or even set to take less damage then normal making it more secure)?
I do love the full experience of pvp and looting etc but as I am a solo player and don’t really want to join a clan I would love to feel safe in my home.

I don’t want an easy experience either (Give me no multipliers to XP or gathering etc). I want to fear my loot will be stolen and that my dead corpse could be raided yet know I can build and not loose it all in one night while offline.

So far PVE - C servers hold no interest for me as if you can’t loot or fear your belongings will be stolen if not guarded properly then it takes away some of the fun. I loot off players but don’t destroy their property.
I like building open and secure bases for fun and I like to have a reason for archer thralls etc.

I’m enjoying the PVP server i’m on but will go away and work more days within next few months so might need something more relaxed PVP and building structure wise.


Shoot me a friend invite on PSN: ZageKila

With the exception of some slight boosts, my wife and I are building exactly what youre describing. I can give you the full details in party chat.


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Funcom really dropped the ball with PvE-C imo. Why have a time limited window for PKing? There’s just no logic in it. You should be able to slaughter each other 24/7.

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@ZageKila Great I will do that this week sometime when I’m able.
I should mention also that my internet is not too strong as we had to go to Optus recently for a phone and internet deal and the connection in our area is damn poor. I’m in Australia, we have pretty bad internet services here unfortunately.

I’ve been having fun in the official server I’m on but yeah it’s becoming a bit too hard work as with my working hours I can’t be on when everyone seems to want to raid.

Yeah I agree. I like the fact they added it but it would have been better to make a server with mixed settings allowing casual PVP’ers to build and have fun without the fear of loosing everything in one night while you aren’t even playing.

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Awesome! Join on in whenever you can/want. We’ve just recently started to try and get some people to join. I would like to eventually build an arena or something that we can have tournaments in for prizes.

And I agree, having times for PVP is kinda dumb. I mean if 2 people run across each other they should be able to throw down the gauntlet right there and then. However, I don’t want bases to be destroyed while people are offline. Its just a personal preference, especially when its just me and my wife in my tribe and defensive thralls are currently retarded lol. Once we get a decent community on board, we can discuss base raids and other interesting ideas!

Anyone else that this appeals to is free to join!

The server name is: Louisiana Boscoyos

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Sounds like a good Idea to have an arena, I was planing on making a small one in server I’m on but it got destroyed before I could even begin work on it.
I will definitely give your server a look as it sounds good. Will you be making a thread for the server on this site or anything like that?

I also usually play by myself in a clan and like to make alliances with other players and clans. It’s a lot of fun.

There no official servers like that. All are dominated by clans that spam Avatars so you loose your base quick. I would love to see servers with no avatars as they are broken mechanic in my opinion.

I play on PC.

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I’ve been sending out several invites on Reddit lately but trying a few things before making an official post. If we don’t pick up a few players soon, then i will be making an official post for sure.

I think an arena in the Anquilian (sp?) DLC that will come out in August will be pretty badass tho!!! I’m looking forward to it!!

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Yeah I think that DLC would be awesome for it. I hope you manage to find more players.
I will try to join this weekend if able. I will have more time next week if not.
I did already favorite your server in game so now just have to get a character started when I can next play.

Oh btw, any rules I need to follow when I join? I know some private servers have a few rules.

Cool man join whenever. Nah not really any rules other than your normal no cheating, etc.

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We currently have a server that we have paid for the YEAR and it’s a RP/PVP on weekends kind of deal. We do the PVP on weekends due to everyone having a life outside the game plus everyone on the server is 18+ so its very mature. We are always welcoming more people to join the server as we are always growing. We have times where you can’t get into the server due to population.

Server Name: Dark Realms 18+

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