PVP w/o Building Damage servers

PVE-C sucks. It’s gross how people can plant benches everywhere and you can’t steal from them, makes no sense. Totally PVE.

CAN WE PLEASE - have official PVP servers, where either

  1. No building damage but you CAN destroy doors and steal from any work bench, fish trap etc.
  2. PVP servers where building damage is reduced heavily

It REALLY sucks to work on building something for ages and have it torn down as quickly as in live. I know i’m not alone in saying this, MANY of us want PVP, but we also want to build magnificent buildings without them being wrecked over night!

Funcom - What do you have to lose from trying out such a server type?

And before anyone says, private servers suck. They are unreliable. Great if you have your crew / community, not so much otherwise.


Nice bully. GG


I don’t agree with Nihbru’s arguments and his mode of expression is emotionally loaded in a negative way, which might make it hard to sympathize.
I think everybody is entitled to their opinion and to voice it. To disagree with others opinions or their phrasing falls under that point.
But picking apart others’ comments bit by bit in a sarcastic manner? I can understand Nihbru’s reaction in this case. This does not add to a friendly and respectful discussion climate.

This goes to everyone:
Remember there are other PERSONS sitting at the other screen, reading your post.
One single post does not reflect the persons character and is not a good indicator to make any presumptions about their personal life.

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You know what sucks even worse? Grinding mindlessly to get a specific thrall to spawn or a specific item to drop, only to have it stolen by someone who doesn’t want to actually put in any work into either raiding for it or grinding for it.

At least I know how long, more or less, it will take me to rebuild my castle. But losing the Final Breath of the Red Mother to someone who thought they were cleverly “RPing a thief” without having to face any of the obstacles a real thief would have to? Well, that would probably drive me to rage-quit.

I mean, what kind of videogame thief doesn’t have to:

  • pick locks
  • evade being seen
  • neutralize guards
  • detect and avoid traps

No, thanks. Hard pass on that idea.

Money or trust, your pick. If you’re suggesting they add new servers, that costs money. If you’re suggesting they repurpose some of the existing servers to “try this new thing”, then they would lose the trust of the established players on those servers who didn’t ask to be guinea pigs.

Private servers exist to cater to players who aren’t satisfied with what official servers have to offer. If you can’t find one, the solution is to keep looking or rent your own, instead of trying to impose your ideas on the rest of us.


Well said. People are becoming more and more entitled and go to personal attacks. They can’t just say I don’t agree. Instead they chastise people for wanting something they dont.


Yes, they are. Do you think it’s helpful to be extremely selective about pointing that out?


I think it’s important to recognize the OPs tone is less than inviting. It made me bristle on behalf of my pals here, and I’m generally open to new PvP tropes.

After this entrée, the well was poisoned because anything I say counter will be perceived as bullying.

My viewpoint as a person who ostensibly plays PvP: I build big castles in order to draw fire. A lot of people do it the same, or different. One guy I really respect leaves no mats in storage. Anything he “builds” is a Potemkin Village. @Nihbru, people are accustomed to attacking keeps and castles, I would not look on it as a bad thing.


Nothing in the OP attack anyone’s like of the playstyle. They posted they thought the style itself sucks, and I interpret that as the mechanics. But people on this forum can’t wait to pounce and judge the poster so they can seem bigger than what they are.

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No, the OP just came out and completely shat upon and entire play style for no reason what so ever. A play style mind you which was so popular that when Funcom removed it back in early access there was such outrage on the forums they were forced to go back and bring it back at launch. So to just come on and offhandedly say “PVE-C sucks. It’s gross how people can plant benches everywhere and you can’t steal from them” that is already an extremely aggressive and negative start to a rather toxic post.

Pot calling kettle black there. All you have been doing lately is going from thread to thread to find those you deem to be “OG” posters and pounce on them with personal attacks to make yourself seem bigger than you are while being exceedingly hypocritical at the same time. And you wonder why you have the reputation that you do?

Oh and lets not forget that the OP also went on to attack people who pay their own money and spend their own time to host private servers and completely shat on them as well. He was nothing but a toxic troll and sorry if you don’t like that I called him out for what he was but I truly don’t care. Get over it.


They have some more pressing issues to deal with before we can custom order our ‘dream life’ official servers.

I agree. The admin for mine is a total d-bag. Spends way too much time on his stupid warhammer addiction. He also doesn’t play favorites and turns on decay twice a year on 30-day timers. I wish he’d interfere more with people’s bases instead of just wasting time searching the undermesh every now and then maintaining the free map rooms around the map + the free tower through the northern gap. Effing clown. I hate him.

What did u think PVE - C stands for?

We have those narrow minded people all the time from now and way back thinking they can act like a PVP server, ganking people famring etc.

A PVE-C server means if you get a conflict with someone or if you want to have frinedly pvp with people you can. If it was called PVP-C i’d get it but it is not.

Stay in rust please…

I fully support this, i feel pvp conflict should be 100% stealable pvp all times and only doors should be damagable, my problem with current pve c servers is either id end up friends with half the server or i couldnt do anything to entertain myself other than build, and when my builds were done id leave, especially with the bans for base size lately… i only solo pve c as my clan and i are predominately pvp, but we take breaks so some us go solo on pve c.

EDIT: ESPecially beause everyone in my clan can throw up a t3 massive base in less than a few days, especially un hindered in Pve c