PVP is just stupid

This game is dying myself and 3 of my friends just quit we are moving on we just spent weeks building a huge base just for it to get destroyed, lost a base to decay a few weeks ago, people building around obelisks, lag lag lag. Hired assassins just destroying bases that take forever to build. People building tall crazy strucures to lag the servers. Star metal wont break open wasting bombs, invisible enemies I could go on and on and on. To many jerks in this game get their jollys ruining the fun. What pvp?? people run, or kill you in a nano second.




No bouncy first person boobs in The Forest.


Building big glamorous bases is for PvE servers, on a PvP server never build something you can’t afford to lose. Hae fun in The Forest, I can’t play that game.


Enjoy the Forest (yawn)

If players dislike or get griefed to oblivion on PvP Official, get together a private server and start on that - or approach an existing quality PvP server that is actively Admin’d - then you can experience excellent gameplay without the madness of Official PvP. If you get your own private server then you can have one as Admin and then get others in. Let them know the rules of the server and set specific times for raid to be allowed. If done right, and your Admin is a good one, there will be minimal abuse and a lot of enjoyable gameplay.

There are very few games out there at the same level of Conan Exiles that can offer the same gameplay, realism and storyline enjoyment. You can usually find a server that is best for you if you don’t want to set one up. You can also scout about for modded servers and the like.

The forest is quite fun actually we all love it nice change. Very difficult Kinda freaky to boot. Conan is awesome Dont want to play pve and will look into a admin server like you say thanks. I cant say enough about the forest though for the price its a no brainer.

I was in PVE Conflict (I think that how it was called) It was pretty fun, you could only attack bases and other players after working hours so you could defend your base. Also it depends which server you are on… people in this server were nice, and we as the alpha clan didn’t attack without provocation or justification…

The problem was that one day the server was just gone. About a month of building multiple bases around the map the population droped until only 4 to 10 people connected regularly. It was the end of PVP for me… now I just run solo or Co-op. Too much of a risk to be in an official server that might dissappear over night giving a middle finger to your effort.

That being said, Conan Exile is still better than The Forest :confused: and for Conan fans is not like we have too much of a choice…

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100% Agree. Playing goes in waves as the insta-grat mentality moves from one new game to another. It’s kinda normal. For those that love the Conan genre though, the playing doesn’t change - and that is where the private servers excel.
I do a private modded one and that serves as a PvE building server. Purges and some decay are active as well as many surprise items/npc/monsters brought in courtesy of the great PIPPI to add more randomness to the regions. For us, this keeps the game very much alive. I am yet to see another game that offers the overall smoothness of movement, realism, excitement and terror, whilst also allowing for PvP or PvE or Role Play or ???. It is really a lovely environment that remains a development gem.


Well unfortunately there are gaming trolls and they make pvp life hell! I have had friends who were so upset they ended up leaving Conan Exiles all together. There needs to be rules in place. Its people like them that are killing servers.

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We got trolls on our server unfortunately. And they ruined it for everyone. I had friends leave Conan Exiles because of them. We had a nice server until that one tribe came on. There needs to be some rules in place in PVP servers.

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Well in pvp server you atleast have a chanse to blow a hole ni all the blocing walls!

I made the same mistake by making a huge base. I started by making a small cabin, then expanded it, and then I started to get noticed by other people.

I’ll recommend just not playing PVP at all. I like PVE-C since there is a little excitement, and I don’t have to worry about my base look like Berlin after WW2 when I log in.


If you didnt know about conans faults & bugs you do now. Funcom are so slow at balancing & bugs it aint funny. Still to this day thralls in volcanoe area just die to lava when following, how long does it take just to make them immune to lava damage? gods still unbalanced & broken, people still dupe anyway if you dont know how then you living under a rock.


until someone uses the bugs in PvE to break your base and loot everything wasting hundreds of hours of game time of you and your clan.

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PVP is the true test of Conan Exiles. Do you want to survive? Take your licking and come back better. I’ve been blasted into oblivion as a solo player, and never wanted to stop playing. I feel as if there’s always a way, whether it’s through brute force or dimplomacy*, to coexist with Alpha. Odds are Alpha is a passing thing, and you’ll outlast.

My only beef with PVP Official (with Raid Window) is that your Companions (thrall or creature) will not repel other players during off-raid hours. Otherwise, PVP is the juice.

* Anybody else with dimples understands this.

People cant afford a private server!

Join someone’s…there are PLENTY out there that costs nothing.

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That’s PvP in a nutshell. Not just in CE, but everywhere. The goal of PvP itself is to ruin somebody else’s day, and there are a lot of people who can only get their jollies from doing it in the most unfair, exploitative and cheap way possible.

PvE’s got it’s own brand of jerks, but PvP basically encourages it.


That’s impossible. First of all you’ll have to be ridiculous lucky to find a bug that destroys other people’s buildings. Second is that EVEN if they do so, they still can’t loot other people’s stuff.