So i tried the game this weekend

In the first couple hours i had a lot fun trying to survive , running around the map , building stuff…

I choose a private server from EU and the people on that server were friendly and helpful .
Then i was getting killed over and over i decide to change to another server , this time was official and for some reason i was having so much lag that made me stop playing for the rest of the day , my ping was 55 , this in pve-c.

Also 1 thing i didn’t like was people building bases around resources , i needed iron so i could build a armorer’s crafter station and then the best spot closest to my shelter there was a huge fortress around the iron rocks and i couldnt get it, made me walk more 30min to get decent amount…

close to that fortress had fps problems i tried every tweak to optimize and no luck , there is something wrong with buildings at least the huge ones , well ill keep tweaking until i found a solution.

I bought the game but i don’t know if i will keep playing if the lag keeps showing … i play other AAA games just fine , i dont think is my pc…

Sry for my english or anything i had to say how was my experience.

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I wouldn’t really call Conan Exiles a AAA game, it’s a good game but I would rate it as “still needs work”.

Try PVP, I avoid the player run servers due to admin abuse.

Also try the recruitment/LFG section to team up with others.

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Offical servers which are provided by Funcom do not have any Admins or GMs to enforce rules.

Unfortunately that does attract players who like to build in anti-social ways sometimes … whether it be deliberate to upset as many people as possible or carelessly as they don’t realise their building will block access or despawn important/rare resource nodes … or selfishly to keep access for themselves and deny others … or strategically to control the map (yes, I acknowledge that blocking exits from obelisks in a PvP environment is considered Strategy by some)

You can get lucky like I have and find an official server where the majority build carefully and provide access to map rooms throughout the server. And offer advice, help and resources to people. (I’ve been on the same official Oceanic PvE server since I started a few weeks after launch in May 2018.)

Often though if the official servers you try have people you find frustrating to be around then finding a private server with a ruleset, settings and active Admins is the way to go…with a risk that the server host might cancel the server … but again you can ask before investing time in the server what their plans are for it.


I started a few months before release and it never ceases to amaze us.
We have been on the same server since release day. Plus a bunch more.

Right before the free weekend, they changed everything around in the game,
and we all are noobs again to.

Just some of us have more goodies than others

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