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Game mode: Online PVP OFficials
Problem: None really
Region: US

Just my 2 cents, but reading these forums for the past 8+ months, I have not had near the problems some have. What i have noticed is that when i do have issues, it seems to be on certain Servers. I have leveled on 7+ servers, and out of those my problems occur on servers where there is sandstone spamming, altart spamming, and generally rarther uncontrolled building. I am not a proponent of limiting building by no means. Just saying that we as a group may be contributing to issues with the way we build. I am sure Funcom didn’t invision the massive sandstone chains or the 35 altars placed just for land claim of one area to be the core of the game. I have been on more less “Dense” servers, and have had 0 issues. All have the same ping, so the only difference is the building is what i see.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start a server
  2. See the land claim meta
  3. Get stutter and lag
  4. Goto serve without that

I doubt thats the cause, because i still get stutter and lag spikes on singleplayer where i only have a single reasonable sized base, and the issues persist when im far away from home (usually during combat)


I agree with OmegaXVIII. I mainly play single player with my partner and we’ve only got a very basic base yet we still have issues with freezing and frame drops quite regularly. The devs have acknowledged issues and are working on fixes for performance on consoles as we speak. Hopefully we see a patch in the next couple of weeks.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the good word, we appreciate it. But we also acknowledge we have some work ahead to make Conan Exiles the best it can be. Right now we’re working on improving performance overall, specially on consoles, and although we cannot share anything at the moment, we’ve done some nice progress internally.
As usual, and I’m sorry if I sound as an automated broken record, you can check this announcement we posted a few minutes ago which stated our current focus right now:

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@dreamstation / @OmegaXVIII

Not disputing the issues others are having, but that is part of the issue. I have been on multiple servers with pretty much the same clan mates, and we have not had near the issues that i see posted on forums. This post is more to say that it is not as easy as finding the thorn in the lions foot. And i appreciate the effort the Devs are going thru to make it run as smooth as possible for everyone. Do i get some stutter or lag, yes, but not to the game breaking degree as others. And really never interrupts what i am doing.

Any word on when we can expect the next patch to come from test live to ps4 to mainly help with stability an frame rate drops or issues like blue screen crashes I didn’t read that any where above

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I go with the thread opener instead.
I have played and leveled in many servers now, and I can tell that the game experience can be severely different from a server to another, issue-wise.
I came to the conclusion that the majority of the issues playing online are greatly enlarged by the load of the server, aka the uncontrolled built structures many players spam around.
I came across whole regions of some servers that are basically unplayable due to huge structures some players with a whole lot of time have built, frequently in a very dubious fashion.

Let’s be honest here, Gportal is not exactly the state of the art of the server providers either, not even middle class in my opinion, plus those servers have to handle a game that runs terribly by default.

As we all know by now, the game runs extremely poorly even without player-built structures, structures that incredibily add to this basic problem of the game that, keeping it politely, is not exactly well written, just the opposite in fact.

I don’t like the idea of construction limits, but I honestly see no alternatives to preserve a minimum of gameplay quality.
Everybody with some serious time on his hands has the potential to disrupt the entire gameplay of a server, and judging from what I have seen around the servers since launch , there are a whole lot of people of this kind, and that doesn’t seem very fair toward the rest of the players.

I agree, but as I wrote above, if you load a minicar with 5 tons of stones, it will struggle even more.
So, of course the player-built structures are not the primary cause of the game problems, that is just and only the coding and the choice of game engine they made to be blamed, but again, allowing everybody to overload the system in a potentially infinite way can only hurt further more.

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