Did they stop caring?

Let me start by saying I loved conan exiles, funcom, and all the work the devs have done. But recently conan has been literally unplayable. From lag, the kind of lag where everything freezes for 10 seconds and you end up dead or stuck in some object somewhere, rubber banding, textures not loading, bases not fully loading and even the bridge in the highlands not loading just to name a few. There has been many times that half the world didn’t even load and I fell through the map.

I started to notice most of this happening after they removed the ability to craft flawless and exceptional items. Which also made it impossible for players to achieve 100% of the achievements. I can no longer defend this game anymore. It’s like they’re not even trying and don’t care. And the only time you get a response from them is when you have something positive to say.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this forum so if the there’s no pics attached to this I’ll upload them later. I kinda gave up on conan tbh. I was just running through my builds on my official pve server I’ve been on for almost 3 years to reset the decay timer and I couldn’t take it. This game is just bad now, real bad.

I’m far from burnt out. Parts of the world literally take 30 seconds plus to load. If I continue to walk I fall through into emptiness. Building peices, npc’s, the world ect are not rendering in and are blurry. I’m on my phone right now so I don’t know how to upload pics to here. I will try from my computer later today.

I’m happy for you that for having a great time. I loved conan and I have have thousands of hours of playtime. I used to be that person defending this game up and down and calling out the people complaining about problems with the game because I wasn’t seeing them.

Just out of curiosity, what platform are you playing on?

Not true. Can still be done. You just had to ask.

Either you are on some old hardware (HDD included), or you have a massive build you are loading into (and/or modded). And while Funcom has been doing performance improvements for almost every single patch for the last like, 3 years (which goes against that whole “did they stop caring and don’t try” false narrative you are pushing here), it’s never gong to be perfect. If you build huge, have low end hardware, or both, that’s how it’s going to go.

And this says you are playing with several large mods that exceed what your computer is able to handle (blurry textures means, your computer ran out of resources. Happens most often with modded content), or you computer can’t handle vanilla either (which most likely is a result of a huge build).

So what it sounds like to me is, you are running on an HDD at minimum with other lower end hardware, have a giant build you are refreshing on your official server (or other private modded servers you may or may not be playing on), or both.

It sounds like the updated T&C for players may impact these issues, so I think they care.


Dont know if they stopped caring. Btw, thats a question, not a narrative.

I can tell you i cannot get a moderator to take

seriously. I just want to have a better experience while playing Conan. I would like to be capable of logging in and playing on any given day. Instead i am nervous when logging in, due to what i may or may not find working when logged. Can i walk without falling through my base floors? If i take my thrall off guard will it make it back? Can i harvest or do i have to log off and back on? Can i log on? Is my server there today? Should i have refreshed yesterday, as i cannot log in to my server due to a bug today? Am i going to decay cause the server wont allow me to log in?

It makes me nervous, i play to get away from my woes, not so i have more.

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Ps4 pro

I play on official pve servers. I have never used mods, and I’m on the ps4 pro. I have never had these issues in the past. And it’s not just me or this server.

I have asked how to get that achievement and I never once got a response that actually worked.

Okay, so that explains it. From what I’ve seen on the forums, Conan Exiles has been having lots of performance problems on consoles lately. Incidentally, this is also what Funcom is currently focusing on as their top priority:

That, coupled with the new revisions to the official server rules, leads me to believe that Funcom did not stop caring, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions and I understand that thing might look very different from your point of view than from mine.


I just hope they fix it sooner rather than later. It’s been like this for a couple months already. Maybe one day I’ll break down and throw out that HHD and get an SSD.

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Ah. I misread a line where I thought you indicated the play session was via PC. My mistake.

My point still stands though (not your fault). Last gen consoles are simply to old tech. They were to old when Conan Exiles was released on PC, let alone several years later with more features then ever.

Hope you can snag a ps5 upgrade in the future (along with some ps5 specific upgrades like the new Xbox versions have with Conan).

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To each his own… I totally get OP’s frustration though.

I’m a console player on official PVE and I’m just about at the end of my interest in this game. I’ve been logging in to refresh decay because I still have interest in the game but it’s hard to fully play when enemies are invisible, thralls don’t attack or even follow players dungeons, and I’m constantly losing t3 structures to stability issues or they are decaying before their timers are up.

And it’s just happened again except this time my entire base disappeared, I was apparently killed by nothing and lost everything on my person and all of my strongest thralls coincidentally died as well. I get that people have to rebuild all the time after purges and raids but I can’t fight or plan for inherent game issues and it doesn’t feel good to lose many months of resources collected painstakingly on official rates or have thralls that took a long time to level up just up and disappear with no rational explanation.

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