Anyone not experience majority of lost item, and bug complaints, or low severity and frequency?

‘Game impossible to play Funcom?!?!?!? I quit!?!?!’

Or some variation of, seems to be an all too common post here.

Now, I get it, being a Funcom fanboi it is impossible for me to concede that other’s anecdotal evidence and opinion outweighs my own experiences. And also that my taking issue with other’s being abusive in post means I am a Funcom shill of some sort. Because, we should all forget actual people work on the game, and they know how it has things to address, and might just read these forums where they are being accused of trying to defraud someone of both their money spent on the game, and the hours upon hours they willing poured into a video game… to obtain virtual goods, in a virtual place… Like literally people are attacking other people’s character, because their imagined possessions went… back to not existing… even though they never did…

But, all that said.

Do other people, on various platforms, find they have not had (or maybe at a very low frequency, or of lesser severity) issues which have made the game unplayable? I have been playing just fine on my PS4, marathon sessions of four or more hours. Yeah, I log into missing stuff. But that is because I have purge set up that way, and suck at making thralls and base layout self defendable. It is a lot like my character being a drunk, he knew things were there when he started drinking, and now that he is awake in a strange place, begins to suspect things maybe went wrong. I’m calling this the ‘Post Binge Drinking Simulation’ feature of Conan Exiles.

Seriously though, am I relatively alone in not having had severe let alone catastrophic issues with bugs and the like post patches?


Try turning off the purge for a few days and tell me if stuff still goes missing. I play on single player off line on PS4 pro and have purge turned off. Missing stuff does not even bother me because I can just spawn that back in. My problem with the game is the crashes with blue screens that become more and more prevalent as times goes on until eventually the game says the save cannot be found or is corrupted. This is a problem with the game. You can defend it until you are blue in the face but read the PS4 support page. Similar topics. Similar posts. Has to be something to it buddy. Wish I could play and did not have problems because i for sure as hell would not be posting here and playing.


I am on a PS4 Pro to, and sorry have not experienced that issue. About the only PS4 Pro issue I have had is that textures sometimes take very long. But I am not sure if that is an UE4 specific thing on the PS4 Pro or what.

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I have not experienced any game breaking issues at all either. I’ve been playing on PS4 since its release on day one and I also play up to 4 hours a day give or take.
Honestly this game has quickly become one of my favourite games and I haven’t had this much fun on the PS4 since Little Big Planet 2 was released.

Only issues I have come across have been minor and haven’t ruined my experience at all.
I understand not all players are as lucky but I do see too many posts being aggressive or abusive towards the game.

There are a lot of people giving good feedback to funcom about the issues but also a large amount just complaining without giving enough proper feedback to get the bugs fixed.
Iv’e seen multiple posts complaining about the DLC and that it should be removed. This is ridiculous as those of us who are able to play the game would love to have more DLC to keep us entertained.


I play on Xbox and I have had none of the issues others are talking about. Missing items thrall issues building issues DC. Yeah I get kicked once in awhile but for most part I’m on for hours before I get kicked. I played 9 hours straight this past weekend without one DC.


I play on PC and run into a plethora of issues on multi-player servers, but far fewer in single player. Nothing makes the game totally unplayable until the multi-player servers get a data overload and need to reset, at which point I will begin to lag/rubberband all over the place.

I played on Testlive during the final few months of Early Access, and have experienced most of the bugs people do complain about (also ways to avoid some of them), so I generally know what to look for and how to produce it. I am looking forward to the Funcom crew coming back from vacation so I can test out the new builds and try and return some helpful feedback. :grin:


I play on original xbox one, official pve, 50mb up and down fiber network, port forwarding as per Microsoft’s recommendation for xbox live (if anyone knows what ports need to be forwarded for CE official servers specifically I would like to know).

I’m not mysteriously losing items.

I can get about an hour of play before I crash to dashboard (memory leak possibly?) I have tailored my play around this issue.

I do notice texture loading issues (plants, the ground), however I believe that it gets worse as i play up until the crash to dashboard.

I do, rarely, have the “no corpse to be found after death”, however running out of render distance and then back to where I believe I died has always allowed me to find my corpse.

I do get lag around large player built structures (as they load in), but I think that’s more of a g portal and their crappy server specs issue.

Just recently I noticed that when I log in I have half health and the bloody border around my screen (I always log off in my base)… however if I pop a food, I instantly heal back to full health. This has occurred in my base in the north and in the south. Also it has occurred if I log off, quit conan, do a full shutdown, and restart my xbox (5 minutes from log off to log back on). So I do not believe it is an issue with weather effects.

For the most part I have throughly enjoyed playing this game and find it disheartening that other have so many issues. So many different issues across so many platforms… it’s hard to put a light on where the problems actually are. And before anyone jumps all over me, yes I believe most of the issues are on funcoms side. But I would rather them take their time and properly solve each problem correctly with small patches then pushing GB sized updates. But I think they can fix it.

Once that is done I will start recommending this game to my friends. They dont have the patience that I do to put up with this buggy mess. Right now I can only imagine what this game would look like when its running properly, but for now I’m willing to wait, cause I think its gonna be great.


I honestly believe that most the complaint come from people new to game. Honestly I feel game is 10 times better than in early access. Granted it may have been released a bit soon but I really enjoy the game and believe it will be on par as time goes on.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a signature of a proper official server badass. All the whiners should take a page from this guy. salute

See, “balance” and being a badass is when your made to go through the same shyte everyone else has to go through, but come out on top.

I play on PC PvE, but i believe console peasa…ehr… players are even more hardcore for getting the short end of the stick on patches and parity.

I see neighbours come and go. A new generation of summer sales and humble bundle players have arrived ranging from lvl 10 - 45. Many of them will not make it past lvl 45, because they are P00SIES.

What people don’t realize is that bugs are the only sort of seasonal challenge, that aren’t designed. If you ace these challenges, your a true badass.

Everytime I see someone cry about how half their stuff is gone, and how NPC’s don’t work properly…
It kinda reminds me of Rim World with “Random Randy” as the story teller.
These are curve balls, and either end you or you end it.

Frankly, a persons survivability isn’t his wealth, but his ability to regain that wealth, for wealthier is the man with a fishing pole, than the man with a hundred fish.


I have been playing conan since the start of early access and have come across all of the various bugs and issues that have been described in the forums. I have never found any of them to be truly game breaking, although some have been particularly annoying especially when you can’t build the way you want or you can no longer find a thrall etc etc.

The only issues I find more annoying is when people find ways to hack or cheat in the game. I usually then try to adapt to those circumstances where possible and minimise those effects.

Like many other games, lag can be a pain, particularly on higher populated servers with lots of structures. However on low populated servers, the game can get a little dry without more people to interact with, so I usually just put up with any lag and try and find that balance between population and performance.

I am a big fan of conan but a large part of the enjoyment (or frustration I some cases) is the community on the servers. Its great fun having a pvp fight or a siege battle especially if people are not getting salty about it and just taking in their stride with some good banter. I understand why, but so many can take the game to much to heart or make this more personal than it needs to be.


I play on a private server and single player on PC. I dabbled on an official PvE server too, but did not want to keep 3 games going so it is just a spare.

Though i have experienced some issues, nothing has been game breaking. We did need our server restarted recently. It does seem that after a long time running, it stated developing some stranfe issues (lag, rapid spawn of mods/creatures, and eventually not able to connect) but a restart fixed that. And I don’t view that as a huge issue. Many server based games have a daily downtime, seems like our server could use the same.

Still, nothing has stopped me from enjoying the game.


Server stability and death associated with it is the only real annoyance currently.

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Ill sign on Death from server crashes and server downtime in general as the most game breaking bug for me. The other is FPS-issues on PS4 Pro (1-10 fps for long periods). Thralls falling through the floor is annoying, but managable. We havent had the large patch on PS4 yet, though.

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The main problem with CE is servers / structure , all bugs we can deal and wait for a fix. If you cant connect or your server goes offline every day… thats a huge problem.

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I have been playing on PVP official since release on PS4. I experience the occasional crash, once in a while I cant find my dead body but really it happened most in the beginning of release. Now my body usually shows up. I have had buildings destroyed by offline purges and lost stuff that way.

There has never been anything other than my server being missing for a day that has made the game unplayable or even so annoying that I find something else. I cant wait for new expansions to the map and new content and I think the DLC are good :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I like to imagine the servers are run by hybrid sources of a potato sitting halfway into a cup of water with electrodes connected to it and a hamster running on a wheel as a generator. They either need to refill the water more often or get a 2nd hamster to make sure it keeps moving while the first one sleeps and eats.


Seriously? Take a look on PS4 support and here… can you count how much posts about “Server missing?”

All official servers of my region can’t support more than 15 players or… infinite load screen

Wtf is going on with this thread??? Are you trying to convince me that everything is fine and I must be imagining problems?


Seriously, I only lost one of my servers for one evening of play. I cant speak for others issues, only my own. Last server I was on actually had working purges, the current one does not.

I am on and there is usually 30-38 people online during prime evening.

It does not seem that the bugs are consistent across servers or consoles. I have an original day one release PS4, I have read that PS4pro has major issues compared to PS4.

My internet isn’t even that great, typically 15mpbs so I can get lag stutters on big bases and vaults or chests. But that most likely my internet as the cause.

Hasn’t happened to me either… Other than being bored from time to time, I usually run around being a merry old idiot enjoying my time in this game ^^ never ran into an outright gamebreaking bug…
I find it to be an absolute blast when I play, and when not being a bit bored because I don’t know what I want to do next


Nothing “gamebreaking”
Thralls are an annoyment, currently, but nothing more than that.

I understand the frustration when all the items you worked for are gone into thin air and what not we hear about, but I have experienced none of it nor any real stability issues except when some fool DDOS’es the server

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