Conan Exiles current state a total joke?


What is going on here funcom? I generaly enjoy your games and recently bought the steam complete edition of Conan Exiles two times, to play it in pve with my girlfriend, but the game is close to unplayable. On two entirely different systems, one being complete AMD (ryzen3600, RX5600, 16gig ram), the other Intel/Nvidia (8700k,1080ti,32gig ram).

First it started that Jasmin very often, on player build structes, started floating above ground, rowing with arms and legs. Also the walls are then often soft to her, letting her in and pushing her back. This was happening all the time on my gportal dedicated server. You can see an example of it on youtube, " Conan Exiles Bug - Floating in air, rowing with arms and legs" by sunToxx.

I then transfered the files to my computer and set up a dedicated server myself via steam (why does the server exe have “test” in it’s name???). The problem didnt get better despite the massive bandwidth and perfect connection that a LAN hosted dedicated server offers. In fact I am also getting the same problem now regularely. I restart the server for it, log back in and i dont row with legs and arms, the walls are solid again and … the stairs are soft and i kinda rubberband into them.

Seriously, what is going on in your place?

Also when it rains, it’s all wet indoors… and i find bug reports about that from two years ago…What the heck? And why on earth is the camera so limited and close to the character? Hell, we recently played another suvival game that came out a couple weeks ago, made by a 5 man dev team and that game felt ten times more refined in its early access, than this 2 years old game here. Also the building here feels so generic and arkward in comparison. Can’t remember when I have been that disappointed by a game and my girlfriend already doesnt really want to play it anymore.

Also, when i want to increase harvesting with the multiplier, I increase mining and hunting by the same amount? Which genious has such ideas? And when reducing crafting cost , you receive more material when you destroy something you built, than you spent for making it? This all seems so utterly sloppy.

I must say i really regret spending the cash for two times the Conan Exiles complete edition. I was expecting something great and we receive this close to unplayable mess. Or is there like a magic fix for some of the main problems?


This is off topic.

But how did you manage 15g ram?
I’m asking because I’m currently assembling a new gamming rig, thinking going with corsair vengeance ddr4 3000 at 32g (2x 16g)

So what combination of sticks got you 15g?

Edited: You changed your post, so I guess the 15g was a typo. Never mind then. :slight_smile:

That’s how we roll.
– Funcrom


So you saying, all of this and also stuff like getting stuck while in combat, clipping into the head of that reptile that looks like a rhino and not getting back out for half of the fight, is what funcom considers a finished retail product? And not even the floating on player structures and rubberbanding into the walls and stairs can be fixed? Is there at least anything that can be done to make it less likely to happen? Any server settings etc?


He must have too many thralls, the lag, the lag…


not a single thrall yet

The base size will also affect performance.


Sounds like the base has not rendered fully. Relogging fixes this. It’s be an ‘issue’ forever.

Just wait until you start getting thralls and pets…

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Ofc it’s the Thralls dear, what else could it be…

Could be some left over code from the Fish traps perhaps LOL…

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That render issue happens if I “die” and opt too log into my house at my main base too.
Or better still floating in the air or down in the water at times.

I doubt it’s a E-Net issue tho, since it happens too me and I have Fiber Optics inside the house, Copper cable is just the last 10m or so, and our E-Net speed is 500 MBit down, and 100 MBit upload.

and yes my Conan is on SSD since that’s the only hard drives I use.

So I very much doubt that’s the root issue here

I get about 10fps or so in my base, it is massive. When I get away from it the frame rate jumps to 50+ depending on where I am at on the map. My base will kill a potato.

I always assumed since these are old problems, its the size of the map vs the local mesh vs the unreal engine and when I load, only so much gets done; so I run out of render distance, run back and all is well. If they could be fixed, I would assume they would have been long ago if possible since its not like they havent been reported out the wazoo. It still happens with the best pc money can buy, so to me, that says its an unreal problem.

Yes that is correct :grin:

seriously, I don’t really think it is that easy to point at 1 single thing to be the main cause.

I’ve actually tested this, when I am on ground level in my base(more lights, thralls and workstations there) I usually get slight stuttering and fps down to 30-40, I tried removing all thralls from stations and I could see a raise in fps.
Then I removed most placeables, again a slight raise in fps, next I removed most of the lights and bam fps went up to 60(I have it capped there because otherwise there is too much floating/sliding in certain places)
Also spreading out thralls and pets more I think will make it easier, but one thing I haven’t tested is the amount of clutter in chests, I have a feeling they also play a role.
Bottom line is that what changes that work on my base doesn’t necessarily have the same effect in another base… Well I just don’t think we can point on one single item and say this is the major cause :slight_smile:

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Seen it happen on a 10980XE 128GB Ram, 3090 and a m.2 nvme… seen it on a local hosted server as well as gportal. I find it difficult to believe its hardware.

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In my case, it is both… I have over 450 thralls covering the walls for about 75% of the base and as town guards in 50% of the base. As Admiral Akbar said, “It’s a Trap.”

Sounds like an RTX card (or AMD equivalent) has the improvements you need. It’s ray-tracing that is saving works like these from light creep.

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We have answers from Developers, Community Managers, High End Modders, Experienced Server Owners, and Veteran Players. While some theories may differ, there is far more commonalities than not. In every case the evidence, the reasoning, and reports are dismissed and derided by the playerbase. At this point I doubt it matters what the real reason is, as hardly anyone is going to accept the facts.

What Funcom will need to do is simply do what they have to do, ignore the negative feedback, and push forward with what has to be done. Doing it right at 2.4 is a great time because even if people leave. The new content will bring people back, people unaffected by the changes to thrall limits and it will offset any losses.


I really do not hope that I need to upgrade my pc, i9 9900K, RTX2080TI, 32 gb 3200hz ram, 2 tb evo 970 ssd :grin:

Offset losses, sure, that happens every new update as you well know.
Questions is for how long tho.

Since I started playing on 1025, I’ve seen masses of ppl come and they all left, I mean ALL of them.
The only 2 that’s still there was there before I even got there almost a year ago, 1, just refresh. 2. play at times and mostly off and only refresh.

So that offset you talking about will most likely not help in the long run since how many of the new players buy all the DLC’s ?. I have, bought my first DLC the same day they released it too us all those years ago.

You say you can’t change my mind and your most likely correct.
Same goes for you tho, no matter what ppl say or do, you will be here until the bitter end.

Witch one is the better one I wonder :smiley:

Oh shoot… I forgot that the game doesn’t turn on ray-traced light automatically. It, the version of Unreal, needs to be upgraded for RT, so we’re stuck for now.