After the next patch can we please have the team working on fixing the lag and performance issues?

Its almost impossible to have a normal pvp fight. Atleast in my server you are lagging like crazy nearly all the time. Hits do not register, You get killed without seeing anyone or they appear later in your screen etc, Not to mention the lagswitch macros (easy to do) and the amount of glitches that exist in the game. I think the content in Conan is enough now. I am sure if you focus all your resources there we can get it done! Lagswitch is a way to limit your download/upload speed so you see a player standing still in your PC even tho they are normaly moving. You can hit them while he is standing still and when you make your connection normal again and the hits are sent to the server resulting the in death of the other person. It has been tested and can be done.(i died inside my base with all the doors closed)


This is the NUMBER ONE reason why this game isn’t insanely popular. I have quiet a lot of personal experience when it comes to why players love and hate this game, and what ultimately deters them to keep playing. I use to host a rank 1 private server in Conan. The absolute #1 reason people leave this game is due to poor server side performance. #1 too laggy, unplayable, frustrating, not worth it, #2 frequent wipes due to poor stability.

I had to have tons of scripts running, in order to have my server last for just one month. After a month, server fps hovered between 1-4. I struggled and spent hours with my team in order to manually keep DB low. We had rules, regulations, and constantly monitored things just so we can squeeze another week before DB got to the point where the game was unplayable. I was also paying a little over 200 dollars for my dedicated server, it was a beast machine, with strong single core. Since this game doesn’t utilize multi threading well (ue4).

Devs I implore you to take this incredibly seriously. I have no idea what can be done with ue4 or whatever technicalities entail a solution, but you have made an INCREDIBLE game, and it’s going to WASTE due to abysmal stability. You have to do something, you owe it to yourselves and the players. It doesn’t matter what new CONTENT you add, when the lense you play the game through is cracked and distorted. The game is virtually unplayable, and not enjoyable once server db gets to a certain size, WHICH IS VERY QUICKLY. It is such a darn shame, really it is because this is such a good game. It doesn’t keep the attention it diserves and it never will untill this CORE problem is addressed.

Last note. I am sure you are aware of this issue, and are working on it. However, since last year August 2018 and to this day, the improvement on server stability is not noticeable at all. I am a passionate fan, and to see that is gut wrenching.

-Previous owner of Ymir’s Legion RP-PVP [2018]


Don’t hold your breath. I’ve been hollering about the game performance/lag/stutter since the huge update two weeks before the game was officially released. I had a G-Portal server and two dedicated servers through SteamCMD on two personal rigs…all very good gear. Everyone I used to play the game with, some of which I embarrassingly talked into buying the game, are gone because of this issue. This game definitely doesn’t play the same across all platforms and equipment.

There have been patches that have lessened it and some that have made it worse. I find it ridiculous that, after all this time, such a basic need of the players hasn’t been made a #1 priority and dealt with.
I fired the game up after the last patch only to find that the only change in the lag/stutter is that it’s gone off the charts in some areas of the map. I couldn’t even go in to New Asagarth because of it. And going into any dungeon is like a skating rink. Stop walking and the character keeps sliding along slowly.

I love the game too. I thought it had a ton of potential. But at this point, I have serious doubts that Funcom will take the responsibility and put in the effort to lock down this ongoing, and for some, game breaking issue. Nothing would make me happier if they would.

Couldn’t have said it better.

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The moderator unlisted a thread i started on this topic earlier. It’s sad because the moderator is the face of the company through the forums. Check this out, and scroll down. I also took screenshots of the entire post just in case the moderator decides to delete it. In which case i will email funcom and try to get that information out. Censoring topics like this is not constructive.



The most recent server, and probably last, that I’ve been on (1588) has been freezing on and off for at least the last 24 hours. It will randomly disconnect everyone but still shows as being up and having a population in the Steam Server browser… I’ve lost a lot of really good loot because of it.

It’s frustrating as hell that they do not take the backend performance seriously. To be fair though, there is a very good chance that some of this can be placed on G-Portal. I get the feeling that their server setups are not top shelf.

FunCom clearly has no interest in administrating their Official Servers on any level and does not actively participate in the forums or discord unless they have something neat to show. It’s very possible that because f this they think everything is fine when in reality the server performance is a dumpster fire.

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This is a general issue across all servers, regardless of gportal, and it really, really sucks. The server i hosted i was paying over 200 dollars a month for, it was an insane machine, much more powerful then what g-portal offers. The moment you join a server, the clock is ticking. Once the DB gets to a certain point, the server has to wipe or else you’ll be playing with 2-4 server fps, constant crashes. I remember when i was hosting my server, we were rank #1 on battlemetrics at the time. We just wiped and the db was skyrocketing, me and 2 other admins spent hours each day trying to enforce rules and keep the DB as low as possible. It really seems that once you place a foundation, and delete it, a tiny bit of data is still stored in the DB. So there is inherently nothing we could do, i remember sitting in my office at work flying around deleting any leftover bases i could (we had strict rules) to no avail. That was one year ago, and the exact same problem still persists. I talked to admins/owners of other top servers, i pity them because there is no solution for their problems. They will either keep the server going with custom scripts and addons until it starts crashing, or they will wipe every month.

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick tock Tick tock

I was recently slandered by Multigun, saying im “ranting”. I struggle to make sense of that, because the goal is to highlight this issue, and an attempt to do that should not be labeled as a “rant”. Oh, and SHAME on you cattibria, for unlisting the previous post on this topic, so incredibly unprofessional and you should not be a moderator after doing something like that, absolutely unnacceptable. I will be emailing funcom directly on that issue, you aren’t allowed to give funcom a bad name by making bad decisions. Funcom is an amazing company. We aren’t ranting, we love your game, we think the devs have genre defining idea’s and content, it just is going to waste because the game is virtually not being able to be played as intended, on a server with 40 people. That’s where the fun is at!! That’s where this game shines!

Let me be crystal clear, I don’t gain anything from spending my time here on the forums, i don’t even play this game anymore so this isn’t about me. I just want to see this game succeed, it would be such a waste if it didn’t. By talking about server stability and performance, i am not creating this issue, we already know about it, it has been here for a while, i am not the bad guy here, i’m just trying to create a dialogue on this very serious issue. IMO this should be in the top 10 games on steam, it should be in the top 5 on twitch, but it never will because the server stability is HORRID.


Unreal Engine 4 is 20+ year old program, G-portal is a cheap server provider…thus they went the least expensive route. Reminds me of the old saying “You get what you pay for”

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I feel your pain. I’ve taken a plethora of flak by forum users and a Funcom employee (I won’t mention names, you know who you are) over my posts on this topic since the game was officially released. Many of my comments have been hidden or deleted, but those who’ve attacked me remained.
What they probably don’t realize is the more crap I take, the more it makes me hang on like a bulldog to get this issue resolved. As this thread shows, there’s plenty of people with this problem and the problem isn’t our rigs.
Instead of hiding our posts, insulting our intelligence, blaming our rigs, and generally telling us we don’t know what we’re talking about, maybe someone ought to just fix the game. It’s just good business and common sense.


Just a side note: I’m doubting it’s strictly a server issue or anything to do with G-Portal. I’ve experienced many of the same issues on a dedicated server through SteamCMD. I was running it on another gaming rig of mine in the same room. A friend I game with had the same set up on one of his rigs…same issues. And some of the issues the game even occur in single play.
I’ve read a lot of posts on different forums looking for answers and this is clearly a problem across all sorts of equipment, connections…etc. I’ve come to believe the problem lies within the game build.

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Maybe someone could make a suggestion post about changing the server provider tied with funcom ? The game deserve a healthy field of play

That’s fair.

I poked around in the DB a while ago and it’s not very efficient which creates issues as well. If you’ve ever managed a database you know how easy it is to really stuff things up. The ease of creating data duplication is a big problem. Also, it seems that their are unnecessary data queries (which can bog a server down with a quickness) but that could be an unfortunate requirement.

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Good to know. Thanks for the info.

My hope is you haven’t felt attacked by all of us. I believe I told you in the beginning, April 2017, I had trouble on my primary (at the time) gaming rig. It was only after I shut down my preconceived notions of how the game “should” run vice what my machine could put out, I began to dissect the problem. As always, I’m here to help if you ever need it.

If I were you, I would allow an IT Support specialist into my machine remotely for a tune-up and to get CE running properly. Finally, it’s unclear from your statement about your networking: in order to test Conan Exiles’s optimal server performance, you need to have a dedicated machine on your network that isn’t doing anything else. If my secondary test server is playing Hulu or Netflix, the Conan Exiles server slows to a crawl.

Certainly not by you. You’ve been nothing but respectful and have tried to help. There’s only been a handful and, of those, only one I really didn’t expect if from…the Funcom employee.

That’s been done and everything double checked.

That’s how we did it. On my network, the server machine was just running only CE…same on my friend’s. We eliminated any and all unnecessary programs and services running in the background as well.

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So your telling me these idiots can’t figure out that that shutting down hundreds of empty servers and use that money to upgrade the rest wouldn’t be a smart business move?

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We had a really big problem when they tried to attack our base, Our base was Huge and when we were getting killed trying to defend it the base was simple not loading, It was taking around 3-5min for the base to load even tho we were getting killed inside the base, So basically the base was loaded and it had to be reload when you re-spawn. when we were fighting an in some cases foundations were disappearing and re-load and we end up getting stuck inside foundations or getting teleported trying to pass through those unload foundations. Anyways we had to abandon the base because nothing was loading properly. This happened only when a lot of players came at our base.

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