Perfect Game but Server Lags

Your game is almost perfect. Well-made and so much interesting things to do. But about servers…

I’m playing one of your offical PVP server that has got 58 Ping for me but when I joined it became very laggy. I have to wait 1-2 seconds to after destroying a rock to dissapear it. Sometimes I got teleported or the animals. In single player I don’t have that issue. I belive you can make the game better by fixing that problem. Remove servers some servers or I don’t know just fix it please. It’s hard to have fun when the door didn’t close and a jaguar runs into your house because of the lag or something like that. I really love your work and I’m trying to recommend the game to everybody but that is a big things that you really have to fix to improve your game. We want to have Raids and Clan fights without lag.

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It is without a doubt the worst problem. The server connection lags so your character continues whatever action you were doing. lurches forward off a cliff. The game.crashes and your character moves until you reconnect or die.

It would be just as simple a fix as that when the server stops recieving a keystroke or controller motion command to simply stop moving.

I’d really like an answer from the Devs as to why your character will aimlessly run off a cliff and die when you disconnect.

Would be nice if we could get some feedback on what’s being done about the lag.
Is it a server problem, a code problem, a problem with the game mechanics…
Is anybody working on it?
Are they even aware of the problem?

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Server performance has been the problem since game came to early access and not much has changed. They are using UE4 networking system which was never made for game with this many actors on 1 huge map and eventually it just bottlenecks the servers CPU.

UE4 Networking has came along way because of Fortnite and in engine version 4.20 they released major new networking system which makes it perfect for game like Conan Exiles the question is will they switch to new engine version and redesign their whole networking layer. What are the odds thought that UE4 gets perfect networking solution for games like CE, which is exactly what this game needs would make it so much better (and probably allow more then 40players per server).

They should ditch everything else they are doing and focus their whole power towards improving servers because smooth play experience is what matters at end of the day, and not pet/sorcery/mount system.

They been actually talking about quality > quantity so much lately that I’m surprised they haven’t talked about server performances at all, which kinda means that above will probably never happen even thought they have big opportunity.

They been actually talking about quality > quantity so much lately that I’m surprised they haven’t talked about server performances at all, which kinda means that above will probably never happen even thought they have big opportunity.

  • Performance improvements on Building loading? When? (1:06:44): <---- Youtube Timestamp where Oscar talks about this
    • As has been previously been reported, yes they are currently working on this specific performance improvement. This is being worked on by one of the devs, Nicola (Nikola? Sorry for spelling!)
    • The idea is to reduce the memory load necessary and improve loading speeds of anything persistent.
    • In testing this performance improvement on server saves with very very very large buildings, cities, and forts, here are the hard numbers:
      • One example, on a base that currently takes a solid 3 minutes to load everything, now takes less than 20 seconds with the performance improvement.
    • This performance improvement will be heading to testlive “soon.”
      • It needs a lot of player testing when it does get uploaded to testlive
    • This should improve server performance a great deal too. This should improve other things that get wonky, like AI doing weird things.


That’s all great and I hope that’s the case because game seriously needs better server performance.

But still doesn’t change the fact how unreal’s replication networking works in 4.15version, useless things still will be replicated to clients around and I’m willing to bet that how building loads from memory will not fix the server issues.

Oh sure, I get all of that. You just said “I’m surprised they haven’t talked about server performances at all” , so was just giving you the heads up. Pretty sure the dev team is always looking for things to help out with server and game performance over all since the beginning.

But, as far as I know, its very rare for any game company to switch engine versions during major development, let alone months after 1.0 release. Maybe an MMO will sometimes do that because they have that non stop funding reasons to keep going, but even then it’s probably very rare unless your name is Blizzard.

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