Q & A Dev Stream - Bulletin Summary Edition



Hello to all,

As some of you are aware, and some are not aware, Funcom did a stream several hours ago that was Q and A based. To try and make it helpful, I spent several hours watching and typing up what was originally intended to be a tl;dr version. But due to me liking to type a lot, and a lot of material was covered, it ended up being longer then I anticipated. None the less, this should help make it easier for some folks who don’t have the time to watch all 1 hour and 21 minutes of the stream, or who find it easier to understand if given a typed summary.

I am posting this on the three major forums (the official forums, Reddit, and Steam), so to make my life easier, I compiled everything into a google doc. I included time stamps for convenience to each topic that I have typed out if you want to hear the full details on that particular subject.

Try not to shoot the messenger, as it were, if you are unhappy with some of Funcom’s responses for whatever reason. I just wanted to provide this list to be helpful. I do apologize for typos and inconsistencies in the notes, I spent a good 3-4 hours typing it all up and probably got lazy at certain points trying to hurry up and finish it.

At any rate, feel free to use this thread to discuss things Funcom talked about that you liked, didn’t like, what are things you are excited about, what you are hoping for in the future, etc.

Anyhoo, Click here to access the Google Doc.

If you want a downloadable PDF instead via Google Drive, Click Here.

Edit: If anybody else doesn’t want a google drive or google doc version, DM me and I can copy and paste the summary to you that way.

Things disappearing
Mods in Conan Exiles
A few station suggestions
Weekly Community Newsletter: Meet a Dev
Crafting stations QOL list
Perfect Game but Server Lags
Last ditch effort to retain audience
10-12-18 - Funcom Developer Stream with Alex - Bulletin Summary Edition
World boss hit points out of control
PS4 Update 34 (04.10.2018) - The Midnight Grove and Jhebbal Sag religion

Your time is appreciated.
Is the post really too long for the forum? I avoid Google everything as it makes my security frown…seriously frown.
I watched the stream late, but would enjoy a recap if it were available.


It’s because I would have to convert it, format and time stamps, into compatibility for each forum and that would take me a good 1-2 hours more of my time. I assume uploading a downloaded version via google drive isn’t possible either? Like a .pdf or Word doc? I PMED you for another option.


It’s fine. I am certain that others will enjoy it.

I do not want you to spend more hours converting something that other can see well enough. I watched the video stream. I did not understand every word spoken so I was hoping someone would recap so I could read what I could not hear.


Thank you Multigun for this summary, it is very helpful. I couldn’t watch the whole stream. :+1:


Just a big thanks :wink:

I really appreciated this recap :3


Thanks for all the effort made! :star_struck:

:orange_book: Updated Upcoming features

If any of you have time and would like to help out, please contribute to the Official Wiki :wink:


Brilliant, well written! Thank you for taking the time to write this.


Hey for PS4 official severs people can still raid people past raiding hours they just set bombs then log off and it says ruin system destroyed our stuff and these people have been doing that to us for a awhile nothing is safe and I can’t be on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure those people don’t offline raid us it needs to be fixed I hate people who cheat in the game


PC received the exploit fix for this already. Unlike PC though, consoles require extra certification procescess and thus makes it difficult to send out quick hot fixes for console. I can’t speak for Funcom, but I’m guessing that you will see your hot fix when the major patch drops, or maybe they have other plans so that console players get the various hot fixes sooner to counter recent exploit behaviors.


Thanks for the recap, I never watch streams so this was nice.


Thanks for this… above and beyond :+1:


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