We’re going to open a thread on the forums REALLY! where have you been?

have you seen the news letter Holy Crap! there finely going to visit the forums and see us suggesting the same 15 topic over and over!

The newsletter needs work. I’m not one to give criticism without Solutions. I can definitely see through the b******* every week you need to post new content, and not talk about the same content that you talked about for the last 6 weeks. Also you need to show screenshots or pictures of people actually sitting at their desk and having a conversation on what they’re working on it could be a simple animation. Or maybe a dialogue script, or even maybe fixing a bug and script and just make it a picture or a 15-second video clip. I’ve seen several game Publishers in developers produce newsletters of high quality. Also your admittance of not checking the forums and having an act of presence is total bull crap. There are only a couple of post in each section per day a person could literally log on and reply to some of the topics in 30 minutes each day.

Shame on you do better.

I really feel like there working half days with 3 day weekends and at this point just collating a paycheck… I have not seen a single moderate are developer post of a topic on the forums. also they talk about the same stuff as the last Newsletter! OMG do some work!

PS: fully expect to get banned from forums for calling out the BS!


Somebody got raided

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i simply dont understand this thread.


go look at the last 3 news letters its the same crap over and over… and its lacking in content


so whats the relationship of that with the thread tittle?

they admit that they don’t come to the forums


You can thank the consoles for the latest update not being out yet. It’s a pretty big update with changes to thralls, adding pets, a new dungeon, new arrows and dual wielding combat, along with a couple bug fixes.

While they haven’t ‘created’ new threads, they have been proactive in the forums with bugs and hot topics. There’s even been glimpses at what’s coming after the Pets & More update. Funcom has definitely not abandoned us, they’re just busy trying to deliver a quality product.


you are making your own interpretation and in my opinion a flawed one…


Where in the world does it say they don’t visit the forums? Not to mention you are blatantly ignoring the community teams daily posts to various threads.


in there newsletter,

Friday afternoon stream

Rejoice, for it is once again stream week! This week we are opening the lines of communications to take your Q’s and turn them into A’s. That’s right, it’s a Q&A stream with lead designer Oscar and community manager Jens Erik.

ask your self what does this really say!

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i don’t see anyone posting anything with Dev, manager, community next to anyone’s names!

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Why on Earth not? I mean yeah there’s the occasional nasty remark, but most of the discussion I see is reasonably polite and either to the point or chitchat (which is not to say I agree with everything, far from it).

Obviously there’s a fair amount of frustration when a new bug or exploit rears its ugly head, or when old bugs stick around for ages with no (perceived) progress, but that’s not a reason to avoid the forums.

That said, there’s quite a few Funcom employees who post on here, and I’ll assume that there’s quite a few more who read but don’t post.

I agree. While more always wants more, they’re quite good compared to most companies in this regard.
That said, the “current bugs and status” and “suggestions and status” part of the fanbase interaction could certainly be improved (but I understand that this is already on the drawing board so it’s all good).


I’m going to take some time to break this down and answer what I can.

I totally get where you’re coming from. I would love to show you guys everything we’re working on. I’d love to show you guys gifs of the new bow mechanics, screenshots from the new dungeons beyond the Midnight Grove or talk about some of the things we’ve been discussing within the community team, but the fact of the matter is that they just aren’t ready to be shown or announced yet.

That’s why I decided to write about motion capture and animation, because I figured people would find that interesting. And a lot of people did, based on the feedback I’ve been seeing on social media.

Okay. This is Paul, one of our coders. He’s compiling code while also waiting for the Unreal Editor to boot up the game.

A lot of the developers on the team are fairly camera shy, but he was up for it. If, in future newsletters, we talk about a specific aspect of the game I will take the time to ask if anyone’s up for having me grab a quick picture of whatever they’re working on.

I’m not sure how you’re interpreting opening a questions thread to mean we don’t check/moderate the forums. The reason I wanted to open a thread is to have people’s questions in one place. It’s easier for both me and for you guys.


To give another perspective - I appreciate that your newsletter is mostly in text, with few pictures and those you put render quickly on my phone or as in your latest … are an optional to view.
I read the forums during breaks at work, which is permitted. However it would be completely inappropriate for me to listen to a video in the open plan spaces. And btw before someone points it out … wearing headphones in my workplace is not permitted.
I do not view the twitch streams or other social media, so repetition of material from those platforms in these forums is appreciated and keeps me informed.

Re: pics of your staff at work - I also know how some feel about being photographed … not everyone loves the attention … we occasionally have media onsite … the area generally becomes a ghost town other than those directly involved. (My reaction to being told I was spotted in the background of the news or doco is “damn I didn’t duck fast enough”)


They’re juggling balls. He’s learning to juggle.

That accurately describes a lot of our devs. They don’t really care for the limelight.


Hmm fair enough. I mean developing a skin thick enough to handle some amount of flack is crucial if you want to interact with customers, and if you can’t (or just don’t want to, because you don’t need to) then you might be right it’s better to stay away. As long as you have some amount of people willing to handle it (which they seem to have).

Personally I worked in a couple of actual customer service jobs (like gas station attendant and fast food) as a youth that it would take something WAY worse than what you see on these forums to truly get under my skin.

So many jokes. Every one of them painfully infantile. Must… resist… ngggrghhh… </pops blood vessel> phew. Much better.

…I…uh…what? I am literally face palming so hard right now. I barely even know where to begin.

You are insanely red in the face upset, because Funcom is doing a dev stream that is Q and A focused? And somehow that means they aren’t reading the forums? I…wow…just…wow.

As far as “you aren’t seeing anybody post anything from Funcom”, you aren’t reading the forums yourself very well. Jens, who posts here all the freaken time, posted in your thread.

But here, you can find all of their recent posts and other info here. Dev Tracker

This is next level troll though. I honestly am completely shocked at your comment. THIS is why I keep saying that no matter what Funcom does, people will get pissed. You are officially exhibit A.


I fully expect that you won’t be but a lot of ppl not in FC employ wish you would be or just try to behave like an adult and not do the tantrum bit.

Embarrasing, is what it is.


Jens_Erik thank you very much for replying to my post. I’ve actually gained some faith back and Funcom… from your post. And I think some of it was taken to Heart, as somebody who works in a critical environment I understand what it like to be under pressure. And I understand the pursuit of Excellence and the pressure for not achieving it. And over time this has developed a certain skill set.

Here’s a formula for the newsletter from this point forward. Topics to generally cover that would show the community that there is a real team behind the organization who is working through issues, and that has Dynamic challenges of Their own. And I fully understand that there are some things that you just cannot talk about.

Every week on Friday there is a newsletter produced. And in this newsletter it covers the following topics

1, one new topic discussed every week that hasn’t been previously mentioned in a newsletter or stream. And I fully understand in this could be challenging. And it can be anything from unreal 4 engine implementation, concept art, items added in the game. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a new topic

2, Highlight and employees hard work, a snapshot into the World of FunCom

  1. Talk about technology and how you’re implementing it into the game.

4, every week you run a poll on the forums of what item players most want added to the game. Of 5 items. And in the following patch you add the four five items collected over that month. (Ie) two-handed black ice Greatsword hint hint.

5, talk about what exploits have been fixed! This would go a long way towards letting the community know

6, also talk about what development plans are in the works to fix toxic behavior in the game. (IE) cubing up the map are building walls on Bridges, or building structures around Quest items are recipes.

7, highlight a players/ Community contributors work. You can show a player’s castle that they’ve built or maybe a YouTube streamers video or Channel, something that a player has done that is impressive or extraordinary.

And all of this will be developed over the course of a week and publish on Friday. Each section can be tasked to develop one piece of this.

Also run a concurrent list on the forms of what players are asking for. I have seen inventory Improvement or optimization ask for at least 15 times over the last two weeks. Definitely frustrating when that falls on deaf ears. Also have seen stuff like building improvements, and more advanced structures asked for several times but no one has any idea if it’s ever going to be added into the game or if it’s falling on deaf ears. So my solution is just have your list posted on the forms and so they can see that inventory optimization and Improvement is 999 on the list.

ones again thank you for replaying.


call it what you want your missing the bigger picture. and I’m not the 1st person to bring this up on the forums, but i did get a replay and some positive feedback. hopefully tomorrows stream has subtenants.

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