Any one Home? developers MIA?

I’m not seeing interaction on the suggestion part of this forms from the developers know ones Keying in on ideas, our putting their input in. The only thing I’ve noticed is over there on the main discussion portion of the form they talk about streaming and t-shirts, nothing of real relevance. I’m starting to get the impression that the game is a hollow-core now how come they’re not doing a newsletter, I know they’ve been talking about this pet thing for a while and I’m hoping it updates the thrall II but personally I’m not really interested in pets. I would like to see more assets coming to the game and overhaul core elements that have been broken for a while like AI, but there really needs to be a newsletter Each Department publishes what they’re working on. and considered contracting some of the work out. Chop Chop people…

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Just recently Tascha posted in atleast the two posts that they are reviewing how to they communicate with us with regards to suggestions etc to try and ensure we don’t feel our feedback is being ignored … give them some time to do this.

However, in my view every minute their community managers have to take to sooth our egos with typed responses to every item we post is one minute they are not reading another persons post and adding it to internal lists of bugs, issues, suggestions etc to discuss with the team.
The time the departments would take to write that regular report for the consumption of the few of us who read this forum is time they are not spending doing the jobs they are reporting on.
I’d prefer they’d get on with their jobs rather than report every detail to me. The team working on preventing exploits from continuing can not signal what they are working on…

Also we are very repetitive… I’ve seen new posts by different people suggesting something that’s been posted several times before … but those people probably hadn’t read those earlier posts as they might not have been following the forums when it was as made and the other posts are not easily found.

I also feel that Funcom weighing in on every suggestion/discussion with their official viewpoint would inhibit the community … by allowing us to throw ideas around …even the repetitions of ideas they get indications how popular something is and allow new voices to contribute who might come up with something they can implement that hasn’t been posted before…rather than feeling shut down because an official Funcom post has weighed in on suggestions with a “not going to happen”. (Just recently they have done this for a suggestion in Age of Conan … I appreciate that the developer replied honestly but feel disappointed.)


The like, 6 times they have said that core bug work will be the next high priority (AI, Purge) after Pets isn’t enough for you?

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I Found there Newlatter! supper weak content info. that added a steam mod into the game and 4xpvp

----Old before i found a new latter----- but some of it apples
nope and an the last Steam they said Magic was going to be after Pets that’s whey a Newsletter is a good idea… what each department is working on like RSS Does. here is an example

and for people reposing stuff and the Devs no responding to it… that means it not getting Fixed I am noticing that people are posting the same stuff over and over. and its falling of deaf ears… there youtube steam is not sufficient. and half of the steam is them saying that they cant talk about it… they really need some management, and project what there working on… people are leaving the game… and Funcom is pulling the Conan Exiles’ creative director in Mid 2019… so that means the game is dead… NO updates, NO management, NO Forum interaction, looks like there moving on to there next Project now that they got the Money!

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And your suggestions is where exactly?
If you want to sob a bit, create your rant threads in the general discussions thanks.


are in 5 other Post! but i have to come to relise no point in posting here.

Not in this way, no.

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