Is feedback worth it?

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if you leave a comment as feedback in the forum can other players see it? Its hard to get a dev team to notice a suggestion for something new if no other players can see it and vote on it for example. I see lots of people asking for the same thing as I am. however, see no evidence that anyone else sees those posts.


Not every post gets a reply and many don’t use the search function.

If you’re submitting a report and it has been viewed with no questions required, you’ll see a “report recieved” next to the post.

If you’re submitting feedback, Funcom is recieving it but rarely will you see engagement as they’re trying to remain impartial. They have their own business model and interests to focus on. Your suggestion may be implemented but probably won’t see acknowledgement.


Dev teams are often explicitly told never to interact with anyone on forums or other social media. Community managers are typically the only ones and speaking from experience, the moment they start responding to a lot of feedback outwardly, they will get drowned in those threads because everyone wants a voice. Its a tough wire to balance on.

Rest assured they do monitor feedback, its just that a lot of the feedback they get is white noise or often contradictory with other feedback.


I will say that if you don’t speak up, then at least you are assuring you will not be heard.


The Staff in certain sections of Forums Do Not Post replies to certain things.

They reply to basic threads and bugs section etc, But new Idea threads and feedback to improve game will go un-replied by Game Devs, you’ll see Community Mangers dropping by.

They do read Forums, you can see them point out things asked on Forums on the Live Streams. Were they may not have replied.


I am about to close 3 years in here! In the beginning I was thinking the way you do right now!
No! I was wrong as you are right now.
The @Community team reads everything but replies only if it’s necessary. The little chats we do here, or the little big stories we say only makes their life difficult!
But they do read and follow every single topic!
Have no doubt my friend they listen! So if you deal problems, if you have ideas, if you wish things, feel free to share. Zero replies, a thousand replies, it’s the same. If they like what you say, they’ll push it forward! If they notice that you are helpless, they will try to help.
Have no doubt!
Every topic belongs to them, if they want more feedback, they have ways to push it, if the feedback is enough they’ll stop it! It’s their territory here, not ours, we are just guests!
I can assure you that many of our dreams here come true and more to come :wink:.
Last time, have no doubt, they listen :blush:.


I will tell you this , before they were own by tencent , they use to be quite talkative and engaging with their playerbase. And we got to learn what they are doing what they have to show for us. State of the game and what directions … And we use to get fun twitch event … even as far as raiding other streams …

it was alot of fun but ever since they got bought by tencent … Everything changed , they told us no nothing changed … but we all knew something changed. And they didnt live up to promises … i understand that there are setbacks … but when it near constant of broken ideal and what have you … it does take a toll. And alot of the ones they do respond … Its like a copy and paste response.


I dont think tencent part of issue (not a fan of tencent) (I do belive it chance them… just not in way people think)

Them being quiet about there plans as they got funding to do more stuff, Makes sense. They have major direction chance incoming with cash shop.

Not mention, amount of hate-trolls-stupidty that increased on forums. They would post, and then someone would counter with.
“why you lol’ing your game broken, stop posting in meme threads and go fix stuff” and assorted BS.

Of course they stop Posting as often. Same thing happen on Capcom Forums(was a mod there for 15+ years) Square, Atlus. Bethisda let there forum die, and moved to discord.

Internets full of ****'s, I can see why alot of Game forums dont have there Staff show up and talk.

But, Kudos to Funcom for sticking it out.


thank you for that insight , i know you been around just as long as i have , it doesnt change the fact that they one time said that they were gonna be more active with their talking to player and doing much more stream to then to ghost on their players for months … when before they use to host stream almost bi-weekly , i Miss that really , it was so much fun to just watch them talk about and joke and engage the player base. And then go on a creative spree talk about mod and modder and so on. But it was right after rider of hyboria and christmas was when everything changed. It was weird… i never seen a 180 feel.

I do not mind if they do not respond. totally get what you are saying. I just wonder if its worth saying anything because they dont bother to read what we say. I figure players who have been here longer than I have might have an idea that they do care and are listening. not trying to be sarcastic about devs at all. BUt I have played several games wherein the devs consistently will not even consider player wants and or needs. My thinking based on the last update which I am new to as of this week makes me believe maybe they do listen from somewhere. I just dont know if the forum is really the best place to give feedback. maybe twitter is better?
I have respect for devs. I just dont want to waste time posting here ideas or things Id like to see if no devs or folks who look for what customers are saying are looking here.
thanks for your response.

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aw thank you for the love you have for the game and the devs. I mean it is refreshing to see a person speaking up so positively about a game and the people that are managing, updating and creating for the game. I say thank you because that makes me feel good about the game and about posting all my little hearts desires. I hope they see your response. If I was them Id be elated to see how long you have been playing and still feel good about it all.


Our friend @stelagel is a diehard Conan fan and Damn good at it. @Peaches


having worked with devs when I was much younger, for over 20 years (web not games) I know ya damned if ya do and damned if ya dont. so I DO appreciate the entire team that puts this game together. I think most folks do not understand things like scope creep, and too many hands in the pot from the top. boy I sure do!


I know nothing of how this system works, nothing!
My response, my words comes only from observations in here!
I am a simple gamer, all I know is to turn on my console and play. This forum is the only gaming forum I ever participated in my entire life!
I don’t know how forums work, but I surely understand how this is working!
Every topic that starts belongs to them, not to the one who started it!
So if they need feedback, they keep it, if they don’t, to the bin.
Ofcurce when a topic is closed fast the op is furious and he-she, keeps spamming. This is a difficult day for admins because they have to use the hammer!
Nobody likes actually to use it but it’s neccecity.
If they have to decide for a game change, they reopen posts and more people visit to lay their opinions.
If something needs “fass” they push a bit the post so it takes greater dimensions because this was their goal after all.
They rule the chessboard, they move the pieces!
This however has ways to see it.
Some choose the positive way, some the negative! No matter what’s the way you see it, this does not reflect your character, just the way you happen to see it at this particular moment!
For me and from me you’ll take only positivity! This is my fun time, I am here to speak for the hobby I love, to people I feed great respect and friendship feelings! Like @Winthor said in another topic, if I want reality I go to work!
However you will see eventually that the people that work In this forum, even the volunteers like Mr @Cattibria, are really kind and helpful. Their tolerance is humongous some times with our childish behavior (I am no better from anyone here).
I will use Mr catts sentence now, “a lot of times we go around the same bush and hit it”

So they have to close the topic!
But I ask you one thing @Peaches! How do they know if we do the above if they do not read the threads?

Then again, all the new things that you see in the game, or at least most of them, are “players” dreams too not only devs visions!

They listen!


I’m really curious about your ideas now - should I search other posts or have you not posted them / some of them at all yet?

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