I can remember a dev stream where they said: We know we need to communicate better…
Now our Server 1031 got rollbacked out of nowhere without any kind of explanation?

Is it too hard to write a post to notify us so we can at least know a reason for it? The past 2 months i really strongly dislike all the things that are happening without any conversation. PLEASE start talking to your community if you even got a forum for it.


There have been a lot of holidays…

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I completely agree with the author of this post = not seeing anything put into practice that was clearly stated numerous times in the last Dev Stream.

I also understand it is the Holiday’s, but when it comes to business / companies that deliver a product or service in exchange for money = this is a very weak fall back.

I have worked in the Oil Industry (weld inspection) + Video Game Industry (tester & artist = years ago) and various other industries where you taking time off or holidays when there is an issues that needs to be addressed and it is your job to do so is unheard of = you go to work. That simple.

And if your primary focus after releasing an extremely broken update was to take holidays instead of damage control and actual fixes = this speaks VOLUMES larger than i can ever imagine about FUNCOM + work ethic + dedication to their product.

In the very least, you could and should have a dev stream openly addressing this = this is what good community communications is hinged & defined upon, anything less at this point is just insulting :flushed:

I appreciate you saying you care about your customers & community, but if you don’t back it up with anything or stand by your words = what are they really worth.

Video. Game. This isn’t mission critical software that drives a hemodialysis system. We’ll survive until folks are back in the office banging on their keyboards.


No one’s going to die if we dont get a patch. There wont be a video game shortage and bread lines. We can overcome…


Really its a product that people paid their hard earned money on, bottom line its a product that Funcom sold which needs to have someone able to service its issues.

Do you think Microsoft or Rogers or your credit card company take 2 weeks off with no one in the office, wait do you think Steam was closed down with no one watching it for 2 weeks no it was not. I am sure if anyone brought a TV from Walmart and it was broke and had to wait 2 weeks to have it fixed as Walmart was closed you would be pissed as well as people are pissed they have a broken game, a broken server and no one is caring. No matter if its a video game is a product sold and this one requires service.

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If funcom is as big as microsoft and walmart, yes, I would be very disappointed with the delay in the console patch. The fact is they arent. Not even close.

Really wow, it does not matter how big they are, you sell a product, you service that product. Do you think everyone in Bethesda was off, that the offices were closed for 2 weeks and not a soul was making sure the servers were up and running, answering the forums lol no they were in the office , now maybe not everyone but someone was watching their online gaming platform, answering their forums, checking their servers over the 2 week holiday.


I couldn’t agree more with your replies. A company or business that offers a product or service in exchange for money should be held to the same regard and practices as any other entity.

To claim anything otherwise is not only bad business practise, it is also a bad trend that has extended to far too many facets of industry that more often than not are spearheaded and backed by either people that do not know better / have a very naive outlook and perception on how the world actually works (indicitive of ignorance or youth or both) and every year pushes the bar further in companies favor in regards to there responsibility involving a product that they sell or have sold = gaming is NO EXCEPTION.

Imagine you purchased a pair of head phones that only played audio out of one headphone, would you simply say "well this is not ideal, but maybe at a later date this issue will be solved and for now i will make do with just 50% of the products expected function… I think not.

I understand that gaming is a unique industry and has varying differences, but business is business & a broken product is a broken product = it’s that simple. Yes it will take some time to fix, but in the meantime communication in the form of a very simple & quick Dev Stream would not only be the least they could do, it should be expected at this point in time in the industry. Those companies that do keep dedicated players & consumers using there product and purchase more in the future are usually the ones that don’t leave there unhappy customers in the dark or simply label them toxic and either ignore them or simply move on with no acknowledgement of issues at all.

If you disagree with any of the above, i respect your choice to feel that way, but just know that you are fundamentally & factually wrong.

I can see that, but the fact remains & i live my life in a realm of facts & reality, guess i was wrong in the assumption that most / if not all humans should.

I do not conform to ignorance and nor should anyone for that matter. Though at the end of the day = this your choice to make.

And it is your choice to post on a forum instead of volunteer your down time to a more useful cause. Higher the horse, further the fall.

PLEASE fish for an argument elsewhere. I volunteer at food banks + homeless shelters regularly in my city (as well as overseas when i am abroad + i work & enjoy my passion / hobby that is gaming.

Don’t venture to assume you know anything about me in any shape or form = i could quote what assuming leads to, but somehow i have a strong feeling and will make an educated guess that you either already know this or have been informed of such follies.

Again, my posts in any community are to bring attention to problems with a product and present facts as well as my thoughts that surround these matters. I do not seek to combat people i do not know textually for no reason. It factually holds no importance and honestly would be the largest waste of my time or anyone’s for that matter.
This is the last comment i will make here.

Guys, i know there have been holidays but if they are here to proceed a server rollback and answer to a private message from 3 weeks ago they can also send a small message to let us know why it got rollbacked. At least an admin notification or anything but we got NOTHING. And that is just unprofessional. Especially if they said themselves they are communicating bad. Simple as that.

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So much time…nice. good to you then. Then you should understand fixing a game is second to ones own mental health. so vacations for humans that are the devleopers is much earned. And they have answered, with “do not have and ETA”. But that falls on deaf ears i guess.


Where? In the US? Because I have a feeling that there’s a bit of a cultural shock here.

@Shadoza hit the nail on the head here. Europe is very different from the US when it comes to workers’ rights and attitude towards work in general. This might sound harsh, but all the differences I’ve noticed boil down to “Europeans work to live, Americans live to work”.

I’m not sure you’re aware of how ironic that statement is. If anyone is denying the reality here, it’s you, because you want to force your own view on the whole world and oversimplify a complex situation. The fact is that there are significant cultural differences at work here, and they’re not going away no matter how much you dislike them :man_shrugging:


Feel free to vote with your feet if it bothers you so much. The truth is I’ve never had a game that had as much communication with its player base as this one. They were out for the holidays; good for them. Working/not working over the holidays does not make them bad people. If you cant understand thats your choice but thats how it goes. Sony is part of the reason why ps4 doesnt have the console patch yet. Does that make Sony an awful company? No, it just means we have to wait a bit longer.


For me Funcom is the company with the least communication with the players i ever encountered. There are so many thing which are changed in the game but not written in the patch notes.
Like explosive jar do less damage now since last patch and it wasnt mentioned anywhere.
The server was rollbacked, somebody had to do it but there was no message ingame or on the forums, otherwise the server would be still offline until now. So if you rollback the server just do the players a favor and tell them why that happend?
I know there are holidays and i dont have a problem with that, but there was a person behind the rollback and nothing was said to the players.


NO ONE ever said its not okay to have holidays and that they shouldnt take care of their mental health dudes can you please calm down. No one ever said they are bad people. And also NO ONE said there should be a patch as fast as possible. All i said is, that if they are working again, which they do cause i got an answer from ignasis and a rollback on our server happened TODAY, they can also tell the people from that server WHY it happened. Only a matter of 2 mins to put in an admin note or a quick post.

SO please, take down your robin hood attitude and freak out about that post because this is not personal criticism on some poor people who cant speak up. We all know they are humans but what I, and alot other people, asking for are only simple small messages to be more transparent to the community in such cases. Because this is not only happening during holidays but the whole year. Some changes regarding only 1 server is maybe not that important to everyone but the 30-40? People still deserve to know why stuff is happening.


1029 has been completely wiped :frowning: hope it get fixed soon. I have faith in funcom :slight_smile:

And you got no notification why?

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