News please, please?

@Ignasi, @Hugo, @Jens_Erik

When are we going to get some news about what is being worked on right now? Nothing has been said since just before last Christmas break and the month of January is almost over.


Seriously, last year they gave us a rough roadmap of patches to come but still nothing. Seems like they are going to drop the ball on the “We will communicate more” promise.


Dont forget @Tascha too! Im am probably being an impatient sod, but I agree, and am eager to take a peak at the roadmap for 2020 myself. Hopefully a new Dev Stream in the not too distant future…?


I originally had @Tascha too, but the post wouldn’t go through with more than three people mentions in the same post. It also wouldn’t go through with just one please (had to add a second please to extend to the 15 character minimum title limit).

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I suspect we won’t hear anything until after the Tencent acquisition is complete. Although if I was a share holder, I would want to know what is in the pipeline so that I could value my stock correctly. This could be interesting.

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I too, am curious about what gears are grinding atm. My kid and I just had a blast fending off a purge and he’s stoked about what sort of stuff is on the horizon.


Come on people. Its been, what, a week since we heard about continued support and a new “map”? At this point I hope they don’t say anything till March…

No, actually its been since before the Christmas holidays since we’ve heard any official news. Unless @darthphysicist has found something declared about [quote=“darthphysicist, post:9, topic:103632”]
continued support[/quote]. Its possible there was a declaration (I can’t say as I’ve seen everything Funcom has ever announced or shared).

Even @Multigun who posted information from a shareholder meeting with the promise of a new map has yet to be announced or even confirmed by anyone from Funcom. Funcom has been “radio silent” for weeks now.

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It has, several times. Though the only confirmation is that yes, they are working on a new map but aren’t ready to reveal more yet.


Since that stream, they communicate even lesser :smiley: :smiley:


Maybe they have a reason for all this suspicious silence? Like, maybe they’re preparing a big reveal or something.

Or maybe they have nothing to tell. They’re just watching videos of tumbleweed rolling on the plains.


Or they higher management was not happy, about what Alex said… Didnt he even hinted the map anyway? Because I am pretty sure he did.

And from a job-portal, many ex-employees said that the management is the problem at FC…

Yeah, he did:

Also he said the same about Sorcery… So guess what will come to CE 2020 :wink:

Certain websites where people can “review” their former employers tend to attract the sort of crowd who always blame the management and don’t see fault in themselves.

Sure, sometimes the management is the problem. But the percentage of “management sucks” comments of all “reviews” is so staggeringly high that a certain amount of critical thinking is necessary when reading them. And oftentimes, ex-employees tend to have a reason why they’re ex-employees, so some bitterness regarding that isn’t uncommon, whether it’s based on management decisions or personal feelings.

Game industry is a special case in employment in the sense that it tends to attract creative types, and when artistic visions don’t match, and the employee leaves, it’s easy to blame “the management”.

I’m not defending Funcom’s management - I know nothing about Funcom’s management so I can’t say whether it’s good or bad. I’m simply offering a grain of salt for those reading reviews written by ex-employees (of any company).


Testify! Additionally, certain websites of this type have been known to operate shady “pay to have negative reviews removed by advertising on our portal” scams on the side. It’s fine to take a peek at these sites, but it’s usually a far from objective truth one finds there.

Just look at how salty people get over ultimately meaningless “pain” from playing games, and the scathing reviews they sometimes leave as a result, and then take a guess at the vitriol ex-employees will pour out when given an anonymous portal to do so through.

(oh almost forgot the obvious disclaimer that I have no idea how Funcom operates internally either, should go without saying but just in case)


The reviews had good words for everyone else, except the management :wink:

Yeah, many can be from salty/pissed off people. But many didnt look like a simple rant. But who knows…

Never the less, it looks like Sorcery will also come. Yehaw :smiley:

We need the promised communication we got told would happen on what is going on to fix the above issues. Radio silence on all the issues seems counter productive when they say they want to be more open and honest, makes that look like bull crap to me. I mean really how hard is it to say, we are working on it, we are doing this and this and this, coming hopefully middle of Feb. Then at least we would know the bugs might get fixed at this rate feels like bugs are here to stay and Funcom is back to not communicating as normal.


We understand that you’re excited about some of the things to come, and we’re pretty excited about it too! Right now we’re in the middle of some internal discussions about our options and ways to be more transparent about things coming this year.

What I can say right now is that yes, we’re working on a new map, but I can’t share any additional details about it. As soon as there is detailed info on this, we will let you guys know.


Feedback clock reset!


Thank you, @Jens_Erik for at least the map confirmation news. We look forward to hearing more details in the near future when you all are ready to tell us more about it.


What , thread/forum that is more negative than positve???