News please, please?

What kind of transparency?
What details?
When will yo let us know that you can let us know?

Just kidding, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Personally I’ve been getting myself through the wait by telling myself that when we do get some news, it’s probably gonna be really juicy.

We’re as excited as you all are, but as @Jens_Erik mentioned we’re at the planning stage of what’s to come this year, both content wise and communication wise. Which is a normal stage at this kind of point in the year.
To quench the thirst we can say that some stuff is happening this week, though. :soon: :eyes:


Hey, what could be fun is to do it in “fortnite way”, make a big asteroid (or a big cataclsym) happen in the current map and then it change the shape of the world we know.

Nothing whatsoever, I’m sure. As the new map will be paid DLC, it will not be a replacement for the current map, which I expect will remain unchanged - except in so far as a connection between the two maps will require, if such a connection even exists, which we know nothing about either way.

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IMO a connection is mandatory if they don’t want to put aside those who don’t have bought the new map. There is really no need to divide the community. We should be able to came back to the current map to play with and help other players.

I gess, new map will be FREE with no LINK beteween the two map.
They already say that the current map is max limite

We are not talking about an expansion of the current map, we are talking about some kind of portal/travel from one map to another.

I think if he were speaking about adding a new map to the current world he would have say new “biome” and not new map.

But it’s bit useless to speculate, we juste have to wait until we have more info

That would only be if the new map were only one biome. “Biome” is also a gamer term; all we have in writing is a business statement. Sounds like a few questions will be answered later this week.

There is only one real way a New Map can be handled, to be honest.

If there is unrestricted travel between Old and New, clearly there will be players who establish themselves in the New one, then raid players who remain in the Old one. Leaving their base free from any sort of retribution.

Some may reply to this and deny that it’ll happen, but that’s a completely naive thought. People will be dicks given the opportunity. And that would fracture the player base more than anything.

Personally I’d rather see the new map work on restrictions.
If you go to the New Map from the Old, all your bases on the Old one are destroyed and you only have what you carry with you.
If you go to the Old Map from the New, the same applies. You lose all your stuff on the New and you start over again on the Old.

Harsh, maybe. But that’s the price you have to pay when you incorporate paid maps like this. Unless the New Map is not going to allow base building, and instead be solely for exploration purposes. But I don’t see that happening.

Personally I think that’d be really fun, but I think we’d have a big number of people who wouldn’t be happy about us suddenly nuking everything they’ve built over the years. :sweat_smile:


Would never buy the DLC and probably stop playing then.

And I get your concerns about this:

But if the only solution FC comes up with is your other statement, then I will go… I dont want all my effort to be gone and even have to pay for it (map DLC).

There is just no real clean way you can do it, with something like this.

Either you separate the Old/New Maps entirely, so there is no crossover, but that just leads to arguments about fracturing the player base. Either the New Map won’t have enough players for the PvP to work out, or the Old Map will lose out because most will be on the New one.

If you don’t separate the maps, it’s just a ready source for added griefing, which is going to irritate people who are already dealing with this sort of thing.

Another example. Someone on the New Map could go plant foundations everywhere in the Old Map, to ruin people building bases there, while they have a base in the New Map.

In other words, it’s a clusterf*ck of a situation.

Established players are going to want to keep the bases they’ve built in the old map, we all know that. A lot of time and effort went into most of them, I’m sure.

At the same time, to be able to build in the New Map and hide behind it, isn’t gonna fly at all.

In short, adding the new map seems like it’s going to introduce a lot of problems. Which is one reason why I’m glad I stick to solo offline, so I don’t have to deal with these sort of issues. But it’s something Funcom has to consider, of course.

Unless they just make it unrestricted, and players end up basically having to just suck it up and deal with it, like the many other problems associated with the online gameplay.

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I just hope that if we cant use both the old and the new at the same time, that the new is MUCH bigger with more population centers, that way I wont feel bad about abandoning the old map. It would be a shame though to lose all that content which makes me think they have a clever way of connecting them. I’m sure Funcom wants people to keep enjoying all that effort they put into the existing dungeons.

Please PLEASE do not make me wear only hot or cold weather gear on the new map…


…but what if I want to be upset for no justifiable reason?

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Just following logic and basing it off of Funcom’s replies about certain things about the old map, i am starting to feel that the new map will be based on an upgraded UE engine.

  1. They admitted that the game was built with very little knowledge of the UE engine. Over time, they have gotten “better” with it. Meaning the tool set and how to use tricks to accomplish things they had laid out originally (mounts, etc…).
  2. They will not do a full on wipe of officials.
  3. Newer UE engines are available.
  4. Upgrading an engine on existing servers would be a logistical nightmare due to the players designs and locations. the near infinite ways and places things are built, the upgrade could kill off “legit” builds.

So the new map may be that is smaller, but more current engine wise than the old map. And will be a separate instance. Possibly with things like player level saves between new servers, building limits, better NPC AI, and some other minor tweaks to the base game. Possibly subscription base??? where we have legitimate admins that keep cheaters and greifers in check.

Again , just an opinion based off how interpret the complaints about the old map.


And a nightmare for people who rent server…

I seriously see really big problems coming with the map and if FCs does not handle it well, it will be a bye bye for me.
If you cannot travel fast between them, why even stick to a DLC for CE?

Call it CE2 and everyone knows, it is something completely new and you cannot have your old items…

Except that if they call it CE2, everyone would have much higher expectations for it. I might be cynical, but the moment I saw “paid DLC map”, my mind just translated it as “expansion pack”, like the good old “Brood War”.

I’m hoping it’s like that: a new map with no link with the old one, except possibly for a one-shot one-directional “travel” from the old map to the new (i.e. importing your character). Sure, it would “fracture” the playerbase, but it’s much healthier business practice to have a pay-to-play expansion than a pay-to-win DLC.


And how should that look like? So I cannot have my >55 leveld thralls with me? All my farmed harden bricks, etc…

Again, if such a stupid one-way transition comes, then byebye :slight_smile: I have no urge to farm rare thralls and all my stuff again, where absolutely nothing changed?
So why should I then invest massive time into the game, to be at the same “level” as before BUYING the map?
I would start a new game, where even gathering things make fun at the beginning…

I am more and more for free map and easy transition. Everything else is (currently) kinda not good…
Be it for private-server hoster or for players who dont want to lose 90% of their items&thralls.