Funcom! Any chance of a roadmap?

Checking in I’d love to reinstall and play again but as many players are. I’m curious when new content will drop. Will the foreseeable future be you guys fixing things broken by others you’ve added or are only just addressing after a few years or have you actually got dlc planned? Isles of siptah was an odd release pc had it for 8 months before you thought the people that paid more for the game could have. It looks like you are actually consistently giving consoles more attention now, and I thank you for that. I’m sure the whole community is thankful. But it’s quite late to the party, its great your fixing things now but in all honesty most of the things you are fixing have been broken for over a year, now I see you’ve broken admin spawning and the orb that’s only been added recently!! You should definitely prioritise the fixes but atleast let us know what the plan is, will we get any more dlc like skins and stuff? Any new big content just let us know. Please!


They rushed out a patch that fixed an exploit that allowed players to loot legendary chests without a key. They fixed nothing else in the broken game but ‘prioritized’ that, probably tells you all you need to know about their priorities to the game. I’d keep it uninstalled if I were you. I keep waiting for the game to be at least playable before I buy siptah and I’ve been waiting months….

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So, are there anymore dlc coming out? We’ve finished the Exiled lands and Siptah, what’s next?

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Stuff happens 2021
More Stuff Happens 2022
Stuff Happens, but it wasnt that Stuff 2022 q4
Stuff Soon™ 2023


You now need a key. But only one that will let you quick loot all the legendary chests on the map.

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I agree that it seems quite on the future ideas for this game. I know they are working on console performance and all, but as has always been the case, not everyone at Funcom is a coder. There is a marketing team, a producer, and a director,. One would think that they would know what they are planning in the work flow. Be nice for even teaser hints.

From the last roadmap mentioned (Livestream, if memory serves, and it rarely does on such matters, so don’t take that to the bank) Siptah was the only major content/DLC for this year (last year, sorta, for PC).
They did note more culture packs may be in the future and that the game wasn’t being shelved.

There is an interesting ebb and flow, where content release leads to demand for greater focus on bug fixes and bug fixes (perhaps bugs recently made by recent attempted fixes) as focus leads to a demand for more content.

So the long and short answer is? “No, there is no road map as where Funcom is going, is neither fun nor com… Com is short for communication… In case you hadn’t known.”

From whats been said (staff wise)

Bug fixes is on high end right now. PC got new updates.

I think any road map would just really be Siptah Updates for next bit and half. Till there even ready to show case new dlc or stuff.

I don’t really expect a road map this year, till Consoles are in working order.


It is getting close to a year since Siptah was early released. And really nothing else done over that time other than balance passes, bug fixes, and performance work. Someone at Funcom has to have an idea of where they are headed as far as possible themed DLC, possible dungeons on Siptah, or if anything is planned on Exiles.


Oh. I think I did that. Didn’t know was an exploit though. Thought I just found an awesome chest.:+1:
Where do you get said keys?:kissing:

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