New Culture Pack DLCs?

Are there any new DLCs on the horizon? I’d love a nice Darfari pack!

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What do you mean, sir?

There shouldn’t be any DLC’s until more bugs are fixed imho.

That’s right, send the artists home on paid leave until the coders work out the kinks!!


Never said send them home, they can still work on things if they want. Let’s get some bugs fixed in the mean time. Shouldn’t that be priority before adding more content…Just askin.

EDIT: Besides, unless the “kinks” are worked out first, I don’t believe anything else will look right or work 100% as intended.


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I am sure the artists are working on expanding the Isle of Siptah map currently. Ordinarily, artists when free would be working on the next project since they are not programmers to fix bug fixes (unless I guess its a graphically bug). Isle of Siptah is not fully released yet so I am sure there is full concentration on finishing the base product first before moving to future projects.

Funcom of late seems to be working well in dealing with bug fixes and making additions / changes to the game at the same time. Recent patches have been on testlive longer before releasing it live so many things have been ironed out beforehand. There is definite improvement in the patch process.

I am sure once the Siptah is no longer Early Access, they will start mentioning their future plans even if those plans are just on paper only.

So now the artists are working and the coders aren’t?

You honestly think the coders are sitting around doing nothing right now?

Wow, you like to go on about this don’t ya, lol…ok. As you quoted above the coders are working on bugs:

The artists can work on stuff as well, it would probably be a good idea. It will have to change in the end though cause once the core code is changed by the devs cause they were fixing bugs, the artists will likely have to change their end.

…and it’s the weekend so, probably, yeah. :wink:

YES!! By the love of Yog make it so!

Funcom! Give us a darfari DLC!

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Patience padawan. Patience. Give them a chance to finish fleshing out and doing a little bit of polish on Siptah first. :wink:

I would love some Poitain building style.
Standard fantasy castles and knights.

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