News please, please?

Really the one directional migration could be done. It just depends on how much effort they wish to put into it.

  1. Create a new item that targets your existing thralls and turns them back into inventory objects to be stored. Give one of the player.

  2. Create a new storage object with around 100 slots. Get two of these to a player inventory.

  3. The player places the one storage object in the Old Map at their base. They load it down with building materials, crafting materials, consumables, thralls, crafting stations, etc.

  4. The player then loads down their inventory in the same fashion. Along with the one remaining storage object.

  5. Port to the new map, and place the storage object. This creates a duplicate of the one in the Old Map with all contents intact. Now the old map base can be destroyed.

  6. The player then has all the stuff in the new storage chest along with what they carried over via Inventory.

It may not be a perfect solution, but honestly it would work, to an extent at least, for the single way migration.

It’s something like how ARK handles the map switch. You can stored stuff in the one place to reacquire it in the new map to give yourself something of a starting advantage.

From my point of view, it’s basically starting a new character on a different server – something I’ve already done several times – but this time with new (and hopefully fun and exciting) content.

I understand that not everyone is into that. If this is how they decide to do the new map, there will be people who won’t buy it because they don’t want to start over. There will even be people who will quit if most of their server population goes to the new servers to play with the new map.

I have no evidence that this is the way they’ll implement it. It’s just my wishful thinking, because I think that this is the sanest way to release a new, paid map. I don’t think they’re going to change their mind and make the map free for everyone – unless that was their plan all along and this “paid map DLC” is just a “recommendation” they will decline to follow.

If they give us the new map for free, then that’s awesome. But if they make us pay for it, I would much rather pay to play it, than pay to have an advantage over those who didn’t.

A connected map that everyone can explore but says “cannot place foundation, please purchase Awesome New Conan Exiles Expansion for the Incredibly Happy” would blow… my… MIND :exploding_head:


I’d prefer no road map for the new map, More of a “It’ll be done when its done” I’d rather not pay for new map, and have it broken caused it was pushed out, then set for 2-3months waiting for fix. =/


Man, I would love a one way trip map that makes me remove my bracelet and cross over with whatever I could carry…only to find the new map has a purple boundry wall of death to advance to map #3exits old map via the desert and ends up in Dune


Makes me think about how you don’t need to own the DLCs to use the items in them - you just need a friend who does to make them for you. I can envision building restrictions for something like that though I’m not clear on how it would actually be implemented without effecting the base game. Like, you can go and do stuff there, just not build a base (but hey, your friend can let you crash on their divan).

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Yeah I mean, its just potentially (assuming it can be done, maybe it cant) a big patch and you just pay to unlock. As you say, very similar to the current situation.

This will probably irritate people more than anything else.

Being forced to download a huge update, where the majority of the contents aren’t even open to you unless you pay for it. So it just takes up space on your drive and is completely useless to you.


If you’re worried about a few hundred megabytes, perhaps its time to upgrade your system?
(Not trying to be snarky or anything - but games are continuing to grow in size)

Ya, its basiclly hit or miss with some games. 60$ for 2tb (payed about 70 for mine month back)

I had 500gb ps4, + 500gn back up external drive. After certain point, just couldnt move or update games. Almost gave up Conan Exiles… cause ya, once your past 80-90gb range… its like come on. Make new game… or adjust how some of storage is being used.

Funny part is, the 500gb ps4 is cause MS and Sony keep saying “majority” of its users don’t need a bigger drive. (they dont say it as much now)
Once you got eso(130gb) + 80gb + another 80gb… your basically doomed.

1tb to 2tb drives pretty cheap right now.

Thou, even with 2tb, few games I wont bother downloading again just do to massive size, and then major update it needs after.

I would imagine a new map will take quite a bit more than simply a few hundred MB.

And it’s more the principle in being forced to download extra content that you can’t freely use.

I’m not worried about my space at all. I have over 400gb on my PS4, a 4TB external drive, and a 500gb SSD that I use for my current gaming. By the end of 2020 I’ll probably upgrade to a 1TB or 2TB SSD to put games on.

And not necessarily unique to Conan…

too long time without news… :disappointed_relieved:

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Totaler Schwachsinn.

Maps are loaded by an engine and don’t determine which engine is used. A map is just another asset of a game, not an engine.

Conan actually has multiple maps already. You can change to them with the „servertravel“ command.

Most of them don’t work though, because of missing spawns.


Okay, that was eight days ago. So when can we expect to hear from you all about what you decided? When is there going to be some official news for 2020?


True, but interaction with that map will uses the engine. Thus the design has to take that into account due to how one can interact and the physics of the interaction. Which is why they can’t just rev up the engine now and release it on the old map.

I know this was not directed at me, but because you said it and it triggered that little memory of my Omi, I simply had to answer. :smiley:

I will be reasonably discrete with my nomenclature here. In Unreal, what is commonly mislabeled a Map is actually simply a Level within The World Outliner, with a Blueprint. Also, what is figuratively called The Map is the entire World: a collection of levels, assets and actors, contained within The World Outliner, with Blueprint. An Actor is simply, generically, one or more components that act as a single entity. An Asset is an object, an item of content, within Unreal Engine.

With the introduction of UE 4.15, Maps have been added to the Blueprint API as a Container Type. Thus, Map Containers can be reused, retasked as a big shopping cart from which to place literally everything from our current world into a new setting. UE 4.15 is contemporary with April of 2017, and that’s the version Conan Exiles uses.

When our dev team says A Whole New Map, I expect they will be building a whole new game experience, not just a new bunch of levels. Imagine a backward world where Lost Souls occurs at random, transforming every entity into a demon, and you end up with a mini-purge out of your own personnel. Consider a new way of moving in this world, for instance, wing-ed flight. These are the partial constructs of a new map, in my colloquial experience.

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The last time I did game development/modding was with UE1.5 (UT99) and Goldsrc. So it didn’t matter if I used UnrealEd 1.0 or 2.0 or worldcraft Vx.x or hammer respectively for level design. WON HL engine or steam HL engine could load any „level“. Also you were able to load Unreal (UE1.0) Maps in UT99 (UE1.5).

But back to UE4:
If they would create a new map instead of a new level and they would use a newer version of the engine, then they would need to release a new client and server just for that map or would the map be backwards compatible?

This is anecdotal, based on experience that I think you also shared. When we moved to UE 4.15, it forced a server wipe, and in fact, we for all intents and purposes received new servers.

Present day, if we moved to say the Fortnite Build, 4.20, we’d liiikely need to wipe again. In my experience it would make sense to take this Map Container into a more modern build of UE, and subject it to auto update, particle engine and module resets, and sample bake a level. This simple function may obviate a New Map in almost every aforementioned sense.

Hoping for a livestream tonight.

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