10-12-18 - Funcom Developer Stream with Alex - Bulletin Summary Edition



Hello to all,

As I did with the Q and A stream a couple of weeks ago, I also decided to do a bulletin summary for the newest dev stream as well. This week the dev stream was mostly about how development works, so for players who find the development aspects interesting this stream will be of interest to you. I did summarize a lot of the development aspects a decent amount, so if you are super interested I highly encourage you to watch and listen via the time stamps provided. I also included interesting quotes from Scooper (a Funcom Developer) who spent time during the stream via twitch to answer fan questions about certain things (his quotes are at the bottom).

Like last time, to make my life easier so I don’t have to worry about formatting across the 3 major forums, I have all the info in a Google Doc and a downloadable PDF. If for some reason you can’t access either link, send me a DM on the Official forums. Onto the Links!

Google Docs

Downloadable PDF (Basic Accessibility Check Ran)


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