LAG & Performance!

Main issue atm is LAG.
All my 17 Conan friends are having same problem. Is this a known issue to Funcom?

@all, can this topic have some attention?


A bit more detail would be helpful. What server, platform, if PC any mods, your computer specs, what do you mean by “lag”, etc.

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Hi there and yes, the more info the better so I can check what the likely cause is.

What platform are you playing on, if PC, what is your system like. What kind of server and which region? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PC here, but several on our server has some lag issues when dying, so we dont have time to select another spawnpoint. moving servers saturday though so might be the server for all i know, not sure what the problem is, but we didnt have this issue before the first Jhebbal sag update

PC, OfficialServer1122, pvp

Running on medium settings on Gtx 1060(6gb) and 8gb ram, dont remember processor name but its some Intel 3.4ghz Quadcore. When i join the server its around 30-60 ping.
But many of my friends has new high end computers and they are facing huge lags.
All of my friends play from Sweden, Germany, UK, Hungary or Austria. But most of us including myself play from Sweden(stockholm),

This lag/fps issues happens mostly when many people are on the server. Sometimes we cant even open our vaults, i fall from cliffs and other object very often because of this aswell.
Killing animal is really painfull since the animal lags and changes position every half second.
When you play PVP you kill by having luck or get killed if u are unlucky. I always run because i know the other people see me lagging and its hard for them to hit me.

I’ll try to see if there are some server side issues.

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I answered Tascha se my reply to her.

Im not sure if its only lag, fps or a combination of both. Maybe texture rendering can be improved or the servers need some tweak. But since everyone on the server talking about LAAAGGG, LAAGG SPIKES; SHUTTER I hope that this issue is something they have high attention on. For a muliplayer PVP server this is really bad and is i think my main reason why I get frustrated. This cause a spectrum of different problems.

According to Gportal it was a hiccup on their side and the server should be more stable again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer.
I will play today and see if the issue is still there.

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Tascha… in another thread i told it. The Problems with the Lags and the Server EU-PVP Official #1122 are still there. More catastrophe than ever !!! In the evening the game is unplayable.

All my clan member say to me that they dont wanna play this game with this LAAAAAAAGGGGGSSSSS.

NPCs make nothing, animals make nothing, graphic structures Need minutes to build up… the purge not exist… PVP is with this LAAAAGGGGGSSS in the evening impossible and i say it ALL PLAYER ON THE SERVER HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS !!! Its not our PCs , i think it is not the Software… I think that is the SH*T SERVER FROM G-PORTAL !

Tell me : Why running private Servers with 60 and more Players without lags ? How is this possible ?

I have over 2700 hours play in this game… but at moment thats making no fun to play , sorry !!!

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There’s definitely been A LOT more lag on my (official, PVE) server since the pets patch (part 2). AI on mobs is slower (than usual), but even more than that there’s actual, noticeable lag between, say, placing a building piece (or breaking one) and the action “working”. Seems worst on or just after login (could just be people logging off the later it gets, heh).

But then we also have 50-100% more players (during peak times, when I mostly play) so it’s hard to say how much of it is caused by technical things and how much is caused by underpowered (for the job) servers.

That’s all network lag, I have no FPS issues. I’ve had occasional freezes and stutters in the past, but after I moved my steam client installation to my main SSD those went away. The game install was always on the SSD, but my Steam client was on a secondary hard-drive (I didn’t think it mattered much where steam.exe itself was located - evidently it does).

still laggy :frowning:

There are general issues with performance linked to the latest Patches. We are working hard to address those :slight_smile:


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