Fix this already guys cmon


Ok i am gonna be a little aggresive here because i am kinda angry seeing the exact same issue for MONTHS. I’v been patient guys i really did. I’v been following updates for months now and you know what i observed ? They fix things that i didn’t even know they existed. They launch hotfixes and new content. And this is a GOOD THING ! But they don’t actually have any value if people can’t play in a server without that lag makes the game unplayable, i am not talking about singleplayer here you can say that you play in singleplayer and don’t mind problems about online servers, but there is a truth about online servers, they don’t do the job! Servers gives the worst possible gaming experiance i ever seen. I know you guys are working on those issues but like i said i’v been patient for a long time and whatever most people say there is no improve. No improve at all. Server performance is really bad and it hasn’t changed a bit from the first day. Ofcourse there are gonna be some group of toxic people who are gonna say that “hey i don’t experiance any lag ! My game works just fine…” hey i am talking to you smart guy, your game doesn’t work just fine because you actually lie about it. Now about the suggestion part, my suggestion is fix the servers. And that is the best possible suggestion you guys can ever get. I haven’t been playing this game for months (i run the game and look at new things some times but mostly i don’t play it) the only reason i am not playing is because i don’t feel like playing it. Because i know if i play this game, i am gonna be cancer because of this unplayable lag on every server. All of them ! There is no single one that works without a delay. None. In every server, I have to try extra hard to hit an animal because of lag and all that game breaking delay. What i mean is even if you are trying to find ways to fix it at least keep players at loop. Because teleporting around and beeing hit by teleporting npc’s kinda destroys my mood and i am sure other players’.


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