The lag spike every 10 minutes

Is killing this game for me. Getting killed not because I’m an idiot and got caught up with 10 guys on me, but because of the lag spikes. I’ll also mention this happens all the tine while running, where you end up running off a cliff where you can’t stop because of the inevitable spike. Spending hours crafting items only to be crippled by the spike and then returning to your body which is no where to be found and usually discovered by slamming square in a ten mile radius until it’s found, if you’re lucky, is really obnoxious. My suggestion is to fix these issues.


I think that’s the priority. I admit, it’s very annoying. Even with a 40 player cap, lag spikes are still present.

Switching servers fixed the horrendous lag. The new one lags a bit but it is nothing like the first I played, I can actually fight a word boss without getting stomped because of a 30 second npc free for all.

if you are on a rented server contact gportal and have them switch the hardware, that fixed it for me