Focus on the lag issues and combat improvements

Hey there Exiles!

Just throwing my final 2 cents in here. Last night i played and did a raid and while I had fun decimating a beautiful base, the lag was horrible! Combat is impossible! My enemies where attacking with invisible weapons, people weren’t being damaged when being hit because they were actually somewhere else, there is STILL NO WAY TO CLOSE ON SOMEONE WALKING AWAY!!! This made it easier for me to place bombs, but that’s not the point! It got to the point we all quit trying to physically attack each other. They just watched me destroy there base.

It’s been long enough, the fundamentals need fixed. If you could sprint attack or jump attack the game would be better.

But hey, I got my money’s worth. Thanks for the great game, see you in the next one!


Well jesstheripper as is the case freakishly often, Im in agreeance with you. Although Im itching for some new content, the biggest priority on the cards right now need to be stabilising the game and fixing the fundamentals. I can only imagine that other clans frustration, being able to do nothing but watch as months of work was laid waste before their eyes.

As I stated in a previous post, the game has always had a little bit of stutter or lag, which I lived with. However, after the Katana update it just became much worse, and it now really takes away from the gaming experience. I know Funcom would be doing their best to get on top of this. I really hope that the quality of life patch, or if not is successor can get this all sorted out.

PS- I see we are both still keen for those run in and also jump attacks.

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